GOT7’s Yugyeom and WOODZ Are Friendship Goals

GOT7’s Yugyeom and WOODZ Are Friendship Goals

We love these besties!

GOT7‘s Yugyeom and singer WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn) have a long lasting friendship that proves you can keep friends by your side forever!

WOODZ | Naver

The two became friends early on and attended Hanlim Arts School alongside other idols including THE BOYZHyunjae, PENTAGON‘s Kino, AB6IX‘s Woong, and OnlyOneOf‘s Yujeong!

Photos of Yugyeom and WOODZ during their time at Hanlim Arts School. | @1996cokr / Twitter

Fans have gotten used to seeing the two together for work or play! Yugyeom has appeared or been mentioned by WOODZ many times during individual schedules and vice versa!

The two have always taken the time to support each others activities through the years! After Yugyeom’s first release as a solo artist WOODZ took the time to call him and check in on how he was feeling about everything.

Fans have been able to enjoy these two singing each other’s songs several times as well. These two talented friends would sound great on a collab song, something fans have been asking for!

Most importantly, these two have tons of fun any time they’re together! Fans can tell how much they love and appreciate each other!

We love their friendship and can’t wait to see them together more often in the future!

Source: Koreaboo