Fans Realize How Much NCT DREAM Jeno’s Body Has Transformed And Are Shook

Fans Realize How Much NCT DREAM Jeno’s Body Has Transformed And Are Shook

Close the gyms immediately! (or not)

Outside of his talent, NCT DREAM‘s Jeno is known for his amazing physique and insane visuals! Over the years, Jeno’s sexy and cute duality combined with his toned body has caught the eyes of both fans and non-fans alike online and irl. Even other members of NCT can’t help but comment on how fit his body is!


Despite joking that the only reason he works out is to “look better in clothes,” it’s obvious that Jeno spends a lot of time in the gym. WayV‘s Xiaojun once spilled that he is gym buddies with NCT DREAM’s Jaemin, NCT127’s Jaehyun, and Jeno. Xiaojun went on to say that Jeno had the type of body “you really can’t help but stare at when he changes clothes.”!

During a recent Instagram live, NCTzens were excited to see all seven members of NCT DREAM together again but couldn’t help but notice Jeno’s arms as he was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Even Jaemin couldn’t resist pointing to Jeno’s arms and giving the camera a thumbs up!

While Jeno has always had an amazing body, fans couldn’t help but point out the massive difference in the size of Jeno’s biceps since he first shocked fans by going sleeveless during the group’s promotions for “Boom”.

Fans previously compared Jeno’s body in 2019 to his body in earlier this year, although the difference wasn’t nearly as noticeable as it is now. This means that Jeno has put in a lot of hard work at the gym in a short amount of time!

Jeno in 2019.

Jeno in 2019.

Jeno in 2019 vs Jeno in 2022.

While Jeno looked super buff at the time, his present-day look has fans jokingly begging to “close the gyms” in order to stop him from getting any more distractingly buff-er.

Source: Koreaboo