4 Times Gordon Ramsay Reacted Cooking Skill Of K-Pop Idols

4 Times Gordon Ramsay Reacted Cooking Skill Of K-Pop Idols

His comments had fans in fits of laughter.

Known for roasting professional kitchen staff on television, British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay often takes to Twitter to drag amateur cooks too—and even K-Pop idols aren’t safe. Take a look at four times Gordon Ramsay was ruthless about their cooking skills.

1. Jin (BTS)

BTS’s Jin is known among ARMYs for his love of food, and he’s just as good at cooking it as he is at eating it. Maknae Jungkook once joked that the members call Jin “granny” because of his great cooking, while fans voted him the no.1 idol with the best cooking skills in 2019.

However, Gordon Ramsay thinks otherwise. A few years ago, a fan sent the celebrity chef some photos of Jin’s homemade jjajangmyeon (a traditional Korean black bean noodle dish) and egg on Twitter.

"My boyfriend thinks he can win a season of Hell’s Kitchen, could you rate his food and make sure that egg is properly cooked"


While it may have looked tasty to fans, Gordon Ramsay had a pretty harsh critique that had ARMYs cackling with laughter online.

2. Jin (BTS)… again

But that wasn’t the only time poor Jin faced Gordon Ramsay’s wrath. After laying into Jin’s “overcooked” eggs and “worm” noodles, he came across another tweet that featured the singer’s cooking.

Pretending the photo was their own, an ARMY asked Ramsay to critique a fried rice dish with scrambled eggs and processed cheese, claiming they “just whipped something up for mom“. But in reality, it was actually a photo of Jin’s cooking from BTS’s debut days.

And Ramsay didn’t think it looked “whipped” up at all, and he spared Jin no mercy with his next critique.

3. Mark (NCT)

Many of the NCT members are budding chefs in their own right, but Mark may not be one of them. In fact, Chenle once playfully called Mark out directly for his terrible fried egg cooking skills, insisting Mark should learn from his example.

But Chenle wasn’t the first to drag Mark’s eggs. Back in 2018, a Twitter user asked Gordon Ramsay to take a look at the eggs their “boyfriend” was making. Unbeknownst to Ramsay, that boyfriend was actually Mark.

Of course, it’s lucky the fan wasn’t actually dating Mark, because Ramsay suggested the food was bad enough to dump him for.

4. Cha Hun (N.Flying)

After seeing the savage yet hilarious criticisms of other idols’ cooking, one N.Flying fan set out to make Cha Hun (who once revealed Gordon Ramsay is his favorite celebrity chef) the next target.

Cha Hun has been seen cooking for the other members on multiple occasions, but the celebrity chef seems to think his experimental dishes need work. Back in 2017, Cha Hun whipped up a rather odd pasta-filled pumpkin for Halloween.

A few months later, the fan sent Ramsay a few photos of the pumpkin, pretending it was their “brother’s Halloween-themed pasta“. And luckily for Cha Hun, he finally got noticed by his favorite chef—just in a more sarcastic way than he may have hoped!