20 Male Idols Make Fans Shock With Their Unedited Photos

20 Male Idols Make Fans Shock With Their Unedited Photos

Because they look even more handsome than in magazines.

High-quality photos from fansite's master-nim always make fans want to save to their phones because they can admire idols in the most vivid and clear way. However, on the contrary, the photos taken by phone and not yet edited are also loved equally because they help viewers feel the most realistic visuals of idols.

Recently, K-netizens on Pann has selected 20 snapshots of Kpop male idols that make their hearts feel the most 'bustle'.

The reason may be because the visuals are so handsome, or the surreal height and body proportions, and also the fact that they are so beautiful that they can beat every 'tough' shooting angle. Let's take a look at 20 photos of Kpop male idols to see if you have the same feeling with Knet.

Jaemin - NCT

Ong Seung Woo


Soobin - TXT

Jinwoo - Winner

Lucas - NCT

Bomin - Golden Child

Bae Jinyoung - CIX

Jaehyun - NCT

Jeonghan - SEVENTEEN

Donghyun - AB6IX

Kangmin - VERIVERY

Min Hyuk - MONSTA X

Cha Eunwoo - ASTRO

Jungkook - BTS

Minhyun - NU'EST

Hyunjin - Stray Kids

Younghoon - THE BOYZ


Suho - EXO