SuperM Reveals Romance Teaser 'As You Wish' With 7 Different Colors

SuperM Reveals Romance Teaser 'As You Wish' With 7 Different Colors

SuperM has shown their acting skills with 7 different love confessions in the latest teaser for tvN's 'As We Wish'.


The special SuperM program called As You Want is a show that contains the special transformation of the 7 SuperM boys and only introduces the super special project that is implemented as they wish. It is expected that SuperM (Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas, Ten) - known as the Kpop group Avengers - will bring a special charm when displaying rich professional experiences and romantic films of members.



In the previously released teaser video, members can see photos of leaving the work experience at will. The teaser video of Taemin and Kai - who transformed into part-time employees at the flower restaurant, Taeyong, Mark, Ten, and Baekhyun - who transformed into waitresses for the restaurant - received a response. warm. The members seem to experience a day of fun as a daily experience life like a drunkard, but when faced with unexpected unexpected situations, they showed great fun in the island. reverse situation. While the expectations for their work experience are high, the romantic intro video adds new interesting things that have caught attention.

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In the announced video, the members became the main characters of a 7-color romantic drama. SuperM members are proud of their warm appearance, making viewers flutter when they read famous lines directed at each other. The production team conveyed that they had a surprisingly enthusiastic performance on the scene with their distinctive talent and acting ability. The attention that is focusing on the members' acting challenges will immerse audiences 200% in the drama.



Starting with Tae Yong opening the story, Ten confessed, "I used to be my past and present friends all my life". Baekhyun smiled shyly, "Can you be proud of her smile all your life?" Mark said: "From the first moment you met you, are you all happy with me?" Kai - who conveyed a sincere heart, Taemin - who is whispering "pretty" to the other about what's on his face. - is expected to have 7 special dramas that awaken the audience's love cells.