Ma Dong Suk, Kim Tae Ri, & Nam Joo Hyuk Selected As The Film Actors With The 'Worst Manners' By Industry Reporters

Ma Dong Suk, Kim Tae Ri, & Nam Joo Hyuk Selected As The Film Actors With The 'Worst Manners' By Industry Reporters

Inspired by the 'Golden Raspberry Awards' in the U.S, media outlet Sports Kyunghyang conducted a survey with 34 Korean film industry reporters to determine the winners of South Korea's very own 'Raspberry Awards'.

The Sports Kyunghyang version of South Korea's 'Raspberry Awards' asked industry reporters to cast their votes in a total of three categories this year: 1) 'The Worst Film of 2022', 2) 'The Worst Actor of 2022', and 3) 'The Actor with the Worst Manners of 2022'.

First, the film 'Serve The People', directed by Jang Chul Soo, was selected as 'The Worst Film of 2022' with 18 votes. Some reporters commented, "Too many sexual scenes without purpose", "Yeon Woo Jin's sacrifice was for naught", "This film should never be revealed to society again".

The Netflix-original film 'Carter' received 9 votes to earn 2nd place, while director Choi Dong Hoon's 'Alienoid' received 7 votes for 3rd place.

Next, actress Ji Ahn of 'Serve The People' was voted as 'The Worst Actor of 2022' for her role as Soo Ryun. A total of 21 reporters voted for the actress, and cited reasons such as, "She just read the script", "I felt bad for Yeon Woo Jin who kept trying to act in front of her", "Every single line was a disaster", and more.

2nd place went to So Ji Sub of 'Alienoid' with 6 votes, as some reporters commented, "This isn't you. Let's go back to the So Ji Sub who is a god at acting", "He lacked any charm and just made me cringe", etc.

Finally, actor Ma Dong Suk was voted as 'The Actor with the Worst Manners of 2022' with 20 votes.

According to reporters, despite participating in director Lee Sang Yong's 'The Roundup' (sequel to 'The Outlaws') as both a lead actor and a producer, Ma Dong Suk refused to partake in any press interviews due to his busy schedules. Instead, the actor's agency simply forwarded a set of questions and answers. Once again for the premiere of his film 'Men of Plastic' in November, Ma Dong Suk sat out all promotional activities, leaving the rest of the film's crew to carry out interviews and other promotions on their own. Thus, some reporters criticized the top actor with comments like, "That is not the proper attitude of a lead actor who has a responsibility to his production team" and "It is very unprofessional".

Actress Kim Tae Ri of 'Alienoid' took up 2nd place with 11 votes. Several reporters criticized Kim Tae Ri for "doodling during her interviews", as if "The high school student Na Hee Do had walked right out of the screen". Another reporter commented, "It seems like she has Na Hee Do-disease. She acts like a free-spirited person but it's just an excuse to not pay attention and act unprofessional."

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk of the film 'Remember', who received 6 votes in 3rd place, was chosen by some reporters for his absence during the film's promotion period due to his alleged underaged drinking controversy.

Source: Allkpop