Watch: Nam Joo Hyuk Transforms Into A Dark Hero In Action-Filled Teaser For New Drama “Vigilante”

Watch: Nam Joo Hyuk Transforms Into A Dark Hero In Action-Filled Teaser For New Drama “Vigilante”

Disney+’s original series “Vigilante,” starring Nam Joo Hyuk, has released the first teaser and poster for the upcoming drama and officially confirmed its release date!

Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Vigilante” follows the story of Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk), an exemplary police university student who upholds the law by day but becomes a vigilante by night, taking matters into his own hands against criminals who escape justice.

The newly unveiled poster features Kim Ji Yong standing in the rain in his police uniform with his vigilante alter ego’s shadow. The poster captures the stark duality of his character, depicting him as a model student by day and a dark hero by night. Kim Ji Yong’s determined expression contrasts with the Vigilante’s imposing presence, emphasizing their distinct personas. Scattered wanted posters on the ground hint at Vigilante’s unwavering commitment to punishing only those who have evaded the law. The backdrop of a dark alley with flickering neon signs, alludes to Kim Ji Yong’s internal struggle with the true meaning of justice, piquing viewers’ curiosity about what lies ahead.

The teaser video begins with Vigilante cloaked in darkness as he unapologetically delivers justice to criminals, declaring, “You should’ve spent the rest of your life in repentance. Start blaming the law for letting you go. Because I’m going to show you what hell is.”

The teaser also introduces different characters, each determined to track down Vigilante for their personal reasons. Chief Investigator Jo Heon (played by Yoo Ji Tae) from the Metropolitan Investigation Unit arrives at the crime scene, remarking, “Not just anyone can do something like this. He’s a diligent and righteous lunatic.” Realizing that Vigilante’s methods are far from ordinary, Jo Heon embarks on a mission to pursue him.

On the other hand, reporter Choi Mi Ryeo (played by Kim So Jin), sensing that Vigilante could be her major exclusive story, begins introducing Vigilante to the world, stating, “What people want now is a dark hero like this.” Finally, Jo Kang Ok (played by Lee Joon Hyuk), a second-generation chaebol, passionately admires Vigilante, saying, “The vigilante’s punishment on villains—I was blown away.”

The teaser concludes with Kim Ji Yong’s transformation from the dark hero Vigilante back to his ordinary self. His line, “The law has loopholes; I’ll close those loopholes myself,” heightens expectations for the emergence of a new dark hero in the world.

Watch the trailer with English subtitles below!

“Vigilante” is set to premiere on November 8, with two new episodes released every Wednesday for a total of eight episodes.