The 'Body' Fight Of Kim And Kylie Jenner

The 'Body' Fight Of Kim And Kylie Jenner
Source: The-Body-Fight-Of-Kim-And-Kylie-Jenner

The two girls of the Kardashian empire - Kim and Kylie Jenner have "burned the eyes" of netizens with their hot bodies fight on the same day.

Recently, Kim Kardashian made people flutter when posting a photo showing her body in a tiny white bikini at her home in Calabasas, California. Mrs. Kim is still loyal to her deep brown makeup style, showing off her hourglass figure and showing off her collection of great brands in the distance.


The super-small bikini that opens to the half of the chest enhances the round 1 and 3 round and the small ant waist of the TV star. Kim's perfect tanned skin is also what makes netizens gaze intently. Just posted, this photo quickly earned 2 million "hearts".

Without an appointment, on the same day, netizens witnessed a fierce body fight from the Kardashian sisters - Jenner. The sister Kylie Jenner also posted 2 photos showing hot curves in a fancy velvet swimsuit. The 23-year-old beauty stunned the online community when she wore a dangerous cut swimsuit, exposing 80% of her body, revealing the perfect measurement not inferior to her sister. Not only younger, hotter, Kylie's like turn also outstripped Kim when the billionaire herself received more than 7 million hearts in a short time.


Not only possessing a sharp face, the online community must admit out of all the sisters, Kylie is the one with the most fit and sexy body. Kylie's hourglass body is the dream of many girls.