How Kylie And Kendall Jenner Celebrate New Year?

How Kylie And Kendall Jenner Celebrate New Year?
Source: How-Kylie-And-Kendall-Jenner-Celebrate-New-Year

Kylie - Kendall Jenner and their mother spent a huge amount of money to rent a villa on the "mountain of billionaires" in Aspen, enjoying a luxurious year-end trip with the right quality of the rich.

The year 2021 officially knocks on the door, leaving behind a turbulent year. Therefore, world stars also began to bustle 2021 in different ways. People are curious about how the showbiz rich will welcome the new year. Recently, the expensive sisters Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner showed the audience this prospect.


According to the Daily Mail, the richest self-made billionaire in the world Kylie Jenner and the most expensive model on the planet Kendall Jenner with her biological mother Kris Jenner and her family rented out a villa in the "mountain of billionaires". Aspen with the price of 25 thousand USD / day, total 450 thousand USD / month to enjoy the New Year holiday. And yet, she still has something to do with her private jet to bring her family here.


The image of two hot-hit sisters skiing together, showing off their poses and luxurious dining table inside the villa makes people overwhelmed. The Jenner sisters all received 7-10 million likes for 1 photo here. Kylie's daughter Stormi also put on a lovely ski gear, enjoying a luxurious life when she was only 3 years old.


It is known that from a "ghost town", Aspen has become a world-class tourist destination. The reason it is called "billionaire mountain" is because there are 4 world-class ski resorts, the favorite destination of the elite. Aspen ranked as the most expensive town in the United States, the towering Red Mountain area converges high-end real estate with prices up to $ 49 million.