Top 6 incredible but lesser known super powers of Superman

Top 6 incredible but lesser known super powers of Superman

Not only possessing extraordinary strength, the famous Superman also has special abilities that even veteran fans don't...

Not only possessing extraordinary strength, the famous Superman also has special abilities that even veteran fans don't really know.

Solar Energy Absorption


Initially, the source of Superman's power is not explained clearly, the "alien" is simply powerful. Through years of character development, however, DC comics artists found a scientific explanation to please the fastidious fans: Being a man from planet Krypton, bathing under the Sun will give Superman tremendous power.

In some cases, Superman can even "charge" - he can use the excess energy to shoot heat rays from his eyes or recover from injuries fast.

Freeze breath


This ability comes from Superman's strong chest. He can use even a few percent of his breath to create a hurricane. More specifically, by compressing the air in his body and blowing hard, he can focus the freeze breath to attack his opponents.

At first, this ability was not explained clearly, but fans gradually deduced an explanation from the real-life Joule – Thomson effect.



Superman's superpowers don't stop at physical attacks. From the comics to the screen, the Krypton hero has used his ability to move objects from afar to fight (Superboy in The New Adventures of Superboy and General Zod in Superman II.) This also means that Superman is surrounded by a telekinesis force field, which help him lift most of the heaviest objects in the universe on his shoulders.

In Man of Steel, both Superman / Kal-El and General Zod were implied to be able to use telekinesis, when their internal force made surrounding matter hover in the air. In the movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, the hero also uses this ability to rebuild the Great Wall.

Super intellect


Faced with genius rivals like Lex Luthor or Batman, Superman with superior strength is often criticized by fans. However, he is in fact an extremely intelligent superhero.

Thanks to being a Kryptonian, Kal-El, from the moment of birth, has an extremely high IQ, on par or even better than the geniuses that Earth has known. Not only that, the Sun also strengthens his ability to collect information. In addition, his super speed enables Superman to read all the books in a large library in less than 15 minutes.



Similar to telekinesis, this mental ability is rarely used by Superman. With it, he has the ability to connect his nerves with others, as well as affect their minds.

Mental control was common in the early Superman comics of the 1940s, when heroes were often transformed. Another example of this power is that in Superman II, where Kal-El "brainwashed" Lois Lane, making her forget that he is the red-cloaked superhero. In the Lois and Clark TV series, the Kryptonian are also said to have impressive mental power.

Krypton technology


This is not a natural ability, more accurately the "legacy" that Kal-El inherited from his native Krypton. In Man of Steel, Kal-El received his costume from the Lonely Fortress that his father left behind. In the comics, he makes even more use of the modern technology of the Kryptonian.

In The Death of Superman, Superman's seriously injured body is moved to the Fortress of Solitude, where his wound is gradually recovered thanks to a matrix device. In addition, the Fortress also provides Superman with all of Krypton's past knowledge, along with artificial intelligence to support him in the journey to save Earth.