10 actors who "almost" land superhero roles in blockbusters

10 actors who "almost" land superhero roles in blockbusters

There have been many actors who almost got the famous superhero roles, but due to various reasons in the last minute th...

There have been many actors who almost got the famous superhero roles, but due to various reasons in the last minute they were unable to participate.

Dougray Scott as Wolverine


It is hard to imagine someone else other than Hugh Jackman playing the invincible Wolverine. But actually, during the pre-production of the first part of the 'X-Men' series, actor Dougray Scott was set to take this role. However, as Dougray had a schedule conflict due to 'Mission Impossible 2', director Bryan Singer chose the second person on the list for this role: Jackman.

John Krasinski as Captain America


Almost similar to Dougray's case, the role of Captain America once almost belonged to John Krasinki (13 Hours). However, at that time, Chris Evans also impressed the audience with his roles as Human Torch and Jake Jensen. In the end, 'Captain America' chose the most fitted one.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Spider-Man (and Batman)


While 'Spider-Man' was still in the work, Tobey Maguire had a health problem so director Sam Raimi recruited Jake Gyllenhaal. Sadly, Tobey still continued to take on the role of Spider-Man, and Jake was ignored. Jake Gyllenhaal himself also expressed that he went to the casting of Batman in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' series but failed.

Tom Cruise as Iron Man


Surprisingly, Tom Cruise many times negotiated with Marvel about the role, and he was also extremely interested. But when the time came, he changed his mind. Robert Downey Jr. later took the place - no one expected Tony Stark / Iron Man to become the biggest role for this actor.

Marlon Wayans as Robin


While planning to do the third part of the 'Batman' series, director Tim Burton invited Marlon Wayans to try on the costumes. But when the producer switched to director Joel Schumacher, along with Burton, Wayans was also removed from this superhero film project.

Nicolas Cage as Superman


After parting ways with Batman, Tim Burton planned to work on 'Superman Lives' and recruited Nicolas Cage. But the project was completely evaporated. Many people said Tim Burton wasn't a good director for superhero movies.

Brooke Shields as Supergirl


In 1984, with the intention of rebooting 'Supergirl' with a new actress, the film director chose Helen Slater, so Brooke Shields, who had been previously chosen, was excluded from the project.

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman


Adrianne Palicki is the only actress on this list to have actually participated in the filming, but unfortunately the TV series about this superheroine did not make it to the screen as scheduled in 2011.

Common as Green Lantern


The rapper / actor Common was originally cast as Green Latern. However, director George Miller's 'Justice League' project was completely canceled. Later, when DC was planning to make a movie about this Green Lantern hero, Ryan Renolds was casted for the lead role.

Bradley Cooper as Green Lantern


Before voicing Rocket Raccoon in 'Guardians of the Galaxy', Bradley Cooper auditioned for 'Green Lantern', but in the end, Ryan Reynolds was the owner of the role.