Netflix, Marvel and Disney series halt production due to COVID-19

Netflix, Marvel and Disney series halt production due to COVID-19

The impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has on the entertainment industry have started to become more obvious, and studio...

The impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has on the entertainment industry have started to become more obvious, and studios such as Netflix, Marvel, Disney... are continuing to struggle. As countries and industries struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the entertainment industry must also take actions to curb the spread of the disease. First, it was the movies which had a scheduled release date that had to postpone their screening. Blockbusters of 2020 such as Fast 9, No Time To Die, Mulan... were unexpectedly rescheduled worldwide, and as some of them have a clear returning day, some have been pushed back indefinitely.

netflix-marvel-and-disney-series-halt-production-due-to-covid-19-2Fast 9 is delayed for up to 1 year ... netflix-marvel-and-disney-series-halt-production-due-to-covid-19-3Mulan was postponed indefinitely...

Not only were the films scheduled to premiere postponed due to this pandemic, but the films that are only in the production phase had to be unexpectedly paused for the safety of the producers and the cast. As of March 14, Shang-Chi (from Marvel Studios) and Stranger Things 4 (from Netflix) had to postpone filming to keep everyone safe.

On March 15, a series of Marvel films on the online service Disney+ had to stop production and this will seriously affect the launch date of the largest superhero studio on the planet on this service. In its latest post, Marvel Studios shared a list of series that had to halt production.


For The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, according to official sources, the producer and cast of the series were forced to leave Prague and Czechoslovakia last week due to the rapid spread of coronavirus in this country and of course, audiences think Marvel Studios hasn't filmed everything they need. Only a short time later, Deadline, a news site that confirmed the previous production-stopping of Loki, also shared that WandaVision encountered a similar case.

netflix-marvel-and-disney-series-halt-production-due-to-covid-19-5Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

With this production halt, Falcon and The Winter Soldier will launch in the second half of 2020, WandaVision may be pushed back to the original release date, but more importantly, this will cause Disney new streaming services' content to become seriously inadequate. On the other hand, Loki is expected to be launched in 2021, so it will not be severely affected by the production halt. While these precautions are absolutely necessary, it still frustrates many fans as they will have to wait for quite a long time to see the series associated with the MCU on the small screen.


In addition to the Marvel series on Disney+, Deadline also confirmed that the production of two products in the The Walking Dead universe will be halted. This greatly influenced Fear the Walking Dead. More specifically, this series may not be able to start production before April 13. About The Walking Dead - its 11th season production will also be pushed back three or four weeks. However, unlike some of the other series that are temporarily discontinued or as typical of its series and universe, The Walking Dead will continue to be completed before writing the next part, and it will be done remotely instead of done directly. In The Walking Dead universe, there is also Talking Dead - a program to discuss the events taking place in The Walking Dead. The program will also be discontinued indefinitely from this week. After a few shots at a professional studio, recently, starting in January, The Batman made some shots in London. Not stopping there, the crew also prepared to head to Liverpool to film some other scenes. However, the production process was halted because of the stressful pandemic situation. As of right now, it's not known when the filming will end so as not to affect the June 2021 release date, but The Batman's production will have to pause for two weeks.