Liam Hemsworth hits the beach with his model girlfriend Gabriella Brooks and his brother Chris Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth hits the beach with his model girlfriend Gabriella Brooks and his brother Chris Hemsworth

Despite being Hollywood megastars worth millions of dollars, the Hemsworths still appreciate the simpler things in life...

Despite being Hollywood megastars worth millions of dollars, the Hemsworths still appreciate the simpler things in life. Brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth were seen enjoying a surf together in Byron Bay on Wednesday.

Joining the family reunion was Liam's new girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks, who cheered on the boys as they caught waves on their boards.





Liam, 30, and Gabriella, 23, went public with their romance in January, and have been hunkering down together in Victoria amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In March, the actor was seen hitting the beach at Phillip Island for a solo surf session.

That same month, US Weekly reported that Liam felt more at ease with Gabriella than he did with his ex-wife, pop star Miley Cyrus.

Fans were concerned the pair had secretly split earlier this month when it emerged they weren't following each other on Instagram, but it appears they are still an item.

Indeed, the lovebirds looked stronger than ever while hanging out at the beach.

Liam and Gabriella were first spotted together in Byron Bay in mid-December, during a lunch date with his parents, Craig and Leonie. 


Chris, who owns a $20million mega-mansion not far from the coast, frequents Byron Bay beaches to swim and surf.

The Thor: Ragnarok star, 36, was all smiles while chatting to his younger brother.

Chris also appeared comfortable around Liam's new girlfriend, having seemingly welcomed her into the family fold.

The trio were seen talking on the shoreline, and Chris used expressive hand gestures for emphasis at one stage. 


Liam looked absolutely smitten with his gorgeous girlfriend, who set up her towel on the sand as the brothers tackled the surf.

Before hitting the waves, Chris was seen warming up on the shore as Liam zipped up his black wetsuit.

The brothers took to the ocean together and playfully competed for the same waves.

The stars showed off their muscular physiques in the tight wetsuits as they waited for the perfect waves to drop into.

Looking every inch the Norse god, Marvel actor Chris later showed off his strength by carrying two boards under his arms at once.

Liam also flaunted his ripped frame by going shirtless on the beach. 



The Australian actors have their father, Craig, to thank for their surfing skills.

They were taught from a young age how to surf, and clearly have kept it as a joint passion between them.

Liam was known to take to the waves in Malibu when he lived there with Miley, and Chris is seen on a regular basis with his board in Byron Bay.

In fact, the father-of-three has been seen on multiple occasions at the local beaches teaching his children how to surf.

Meanwhile, Gabriella stripped down to a striped bikini that showcased her washboard abs and trim pins.

She reclined on her beach towel while scrolling through her iPhone as the siblings surfed together.

Keeping one eye on the ocean, she also played with Chris' dog Sunny, who dutifully followed her around the beach.

While she didn't join in on the surfing session, Gabriella later went for a quick dip and returned to her towel with wet hair.

Sunny got plenty of attention during the outing, with both Gabriella and Liam doting over the adorable pet. 

While Sydney's beaches, including Bondi, were closed in March to limit the spread of coronavirus, Byron Bay's beaches remained open to locals.

The Hemsworth brothers chose a quiet strip of the coastal area to surf, and were joined by Chris' longtime friend Luke Zocchi.

Luke is a personal trainer and also runs sessions on Chris' Centr fitness app. 

Liam and Gabriella may be staying at nearby Suffolk Park, where Chris and his actress wife, Elsa Pataky, own a separate residence.

Parents Leonie and Craig have reportedly stayed at the Suffolk Park residence while visiting their sons in Byron Bay.




Chris, Elsa and their three children, relocated from Los Angeles to Byron Bay in 2014.

In January, after six years of living in Byron Bay, Elsa told Vogue Australia she felt 'privileged' to enjoy such a beautiful life.