Johnny Depp To Still Receive His Full Salary Although Giving Up The Role

Johnny Depp To Still Receive His Full Salary Although Giving Up The Role
Source: Johnny Depp To Still Receive His Full Salary Although Giving Up The Role

Actor Johnny Depp will still receive a huge amount of remuneration in the movie Fantastic Beasts even though he withdraws when he just filmed a scene.

Although he only filmed one scene for the movie Fantastic Beasts 3 before giving up the role, but Johnny Depp will still receive his terribly high salary.

After losing a lawsuit related to the violence of his ex-wife, Johnny Depp - the star considered the mainstay for Fantastic Beasts 3 - was produced by Warner Bros. urgently request to withdraw from the film for fear of bad reputation. The actor agreed, posting a long letter on social networks that made fans regret.

What few people know is that even though Johnny Depp has only filmed one scene since Fantastic Beasts started filming on September 20, the actor will still have a fortune with a remuneration of more than $ 10 million. .

The reason for this is because the actor's contract signed with Warner Bros. clearly stipulates that in case his role as Grindelwald must replace the actor for whatever reason, he will still receive enough numbers. money agreement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this term is also quite common for Hollywood stars when filming.

As such, Warner Bros. Studios lost 10 million dollars for Johnny Depp, so have to find and pay remuneration for a new actor to replace - is expected to be "on par" with his predecessor. In addition, the actor re-selection process has also pushed the film's release time down to nearly a year. Now, Fantastic Beasts 3 will be released on July 15, 2022, instead of November 2021.

In another development, his ex-wife, Amber Heard was also mentioned. The sexy actress who is very successful with the movie Aquaman was booed by Johnny Depp's fans, demanding to be fired from the DC universe to "match" with her ex-husband. According to the audience, the producer was willing to "chase away" Johnny Depp, then he had to have the guts for Amber Heard to rest, because the lawsuits were not yet over.

Many people expect Colin Farrell - the actor who once played the "cover" of Grindelwald will return and perform this role. However, this is unlikely to happen because he is busy playing the Penguin boss in the movie The Batman with star Robert Pattinson.