Decode 15 things in new Justice League trailer (P.1)

Decode 15 things in new Justice League trailer (P.1)

Justice League's Short Trailer - Snyder's Cut contains a lot of important segments that have never been released. Co...

Justice League's Short Trailer - Snyder's Cut contains a lot of important segments that have never been released.

Considered as an early remake of director Zack Snyder's "F5", the upcoming release of blockbuster Justice League introduced the first trailer that was completely different from the one that hit theaters in 2017. With The first movie scenes appear and create new shapes for a few characters with a new story, many people expect Justice League - Snyder's Cut as a new, separate movie. In particular, the short trailer but full of important details and images sent by director Zack Snyder has been dissected by many people, making fans eagerly awaiting the release of the film.

1. The villain Darkseid appears, making a fatal slash at the beginning of the trailer


If the Justice League theatrical release focuses on the villain Steppenwolf, director Zack Snyder clearly wants people to focus more on the guy behind it all - the villain Darkseid. In fact, this scene has also been teased since Snyder took the original director seat of the film, but then this segment was thrown out of the house when Joss Whedon took over the film.

In particular, the image of Darkseid slashing a fatal blade to the ground is when he activates the "Anti-Matter Equation" - a detail that will most likely set the stage for Justice League 2.

2. Superman's death


Justice League - Snyder's Cut will open with a flashback to Superman's death after facing Doomsday in Batman v Superman. Superman's screams will be what woke the Mother Boxes.

3. Images of Justice League collapsed


This segment, known as Knightmare, follows from what was portrayed in Batman v Superman - a future point in time when Superman was influenced by the Antimatter Formula and became a villain, while the Earth suffered dominated by Mother Box. At this time, the League of Justice squadron disbanded and everything was in flames and mourning.

This scene was part of the original plan when developing the DCEU of Zack Snyder but was released by Warner Bros. abolished for fear that the DC universe is too dark when compared to Marvel. However, with director Snyder at his discretion in this version, viewers see the return of a doomed world without Justice League.

If we look closely, we can see Aquaman's trident and Wonder Woman's shield in the rubble. This segment will definitely be further developed and play a more important role in Justice League - Snyder's Cut.

4. The Appearance of Joker

Fast-paced viewers will see a few elements reminiscent of the Joker in the movie - specifically Batman's card and stock in the Knightmare scene.

5. Wonder Woman finds the warning arrow


In this scene, Diana Prince travels to an ancient Amazonian temple and sees Queen Hippolyta's warning arrow, announcing that the Mother Box guarded by the Amazons has been taken by Steppenwolf.

6. Superman's black outfit


Viewers are shown another scene of Superman in a black outfit, standing in his Kryptonian ship.

7. The Flash met his lover Iris


The new trailer of the movie confirms that it will exploit more clearly Barry Allen's past with the scene where the superhero saves Iris West from a car accident. This scene with actress Keirsey Clemons as Iris West was cut from the movie theater.

8. Martian Manhunter "disguised" Superman's mother?


Short footage of the meeting of Lois Lane and Martha Kent is brought back by director Snyder. Seemingly just a simple hug, this detail silently confirms the existence of the famous Martian Manhunter character in Justice League.

According to the revealed script of the original movie, Martian Manhunter is actually posing as Superman's mother. After the meeting, he will transform into the character Colonel Swanwick.