Cara Delevingne to date Halsey

Cara Delevingne to date Halsey

According to information, Cara Delevingne has secretly dated Halsey only after 3 months G-Eazy dated Ashley Benson.


A news that is causing a stir throughout the newspapers and social networks of Twitter is that Hollywood has just added a new couple, Cara Delevingne and Halsey. According to The Sun, the couple has only been dating recently and are currently keeping their relationship private. It is worth mentioning, all the attention is also on the ex-love of the couple, G-Eazy (famous ex-boyfriend of Halsey) and hot actress Ashley Benson because now the two are passionate together.



The Daily Mail page also provided a few more hot details and said, after 2 years dating Ashley Benson, Cara broke up with her girlfriend in May. Ashley quickly falls in love with G-Eazy, meanwhile, Halsey has had a troubled and "full of hatred" relationship with G-Eazy for 2 years. This male rapper repeatedly cheats and cheats with other girls, causing the owner of the hit song Without Me to suffer, both of which have made netizens headaches because of their attacks on social networks.


A source close to Cara said the supermodel started dating Halsey just a few weeks ago. The couple had a good time, filled with laughter: "Both are very open about their sexuality, the couple are currently wanting to enjoy their time together, that's why they are together very quickly ". Meanwhile, another information revealed that Cara and Halsey actually don't want an official relationship, so they can date anyone else if they want.


On the fact that their ex-love is also going back and forth, the Daily Mail page wrote: "It is a bit funny that the two's ex are dating each other, but without any heavy or negative emotions". Interestingly enough, Halsey's real name is also Ashley - the same name as Cara's former love Ashley Benson.