Captain America vs Black Panther: Who is the stronger Avenger?

Captain America vs Black Panther: Who is the stronger Avenger?

They are all Avengers with great strength and leadership, but between Captain America and Black Panther, who wins if th...

They are all Avengers with great strength and leadership, but between Captain America and Black Panther, who wins if they really have to face each other?

Currently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone through the first three phases (Infinity Saga), to open a new era with larger-scale battles, accompanied by brand new characters. Marvel has not yet been able to release any more cinematic works for over a year, due to the great impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, while looking forward to what happens to come, fans often look at the easter-eggs hidden in old movies, or simply ask questions about the world's largest cinematic universe. .

One of the topics that get a lot of attention from the audience is whether between Captain America and Black Widow, who will be the winner when facing each other. To answer this question, let's take a look at the opponents that both Cap and Black Panther have had to fight with.

Winter Soldier


Steve Rogers ran into Winter Soldier quite a few times, and most of them lost or drew with Bucky Barnes. This is quite understandable, because at first he was extremely surprised that Winter Soldier was able to intercept his shield with one hand. And in the times when Steve knew about his friend's identity, he did not intend to seriously fight to harm Bucky, but just wanted to control this character.

As for T'Challa, he has a hostile attitude and a fearsome indignation towards Winter Soldier. This is understandable because during the Civil War, Bucky is believed to have killed T'Challa's father. So when he got the chance, he fed Bucky onions right away, not even in the Black Panther suit right now. Coming to the chase, Black Panther almost completely controlled Winter Soldier. An overwhelming victory for Black Panther would not be too surprising if he had a one-on-one fight with Bucky.



Captain America and Black Panther clashed with Thanos twice, in Infinity War and Endgame. With the match in Wakanda, Black Panther collapsed instantly when he received a full punch with Thanos' Power stone. As for Captain America, after being thrown by the Power stone, he was still able to stand up and fight Thanos. He even managed to press him a few times and block his attacks with his hand. Although he had to fall before the power of the crazy Titan when he had 5 Infinity Stones, it can be seen that Captain America did more damage to Thanos.

Coming to Endgame, the two once again encounter Thanos, but are versions of the past. Although he does not possess any of the infinity stones, Lo is now truly energetic and filled with hatred after learning that the 'ungrateful' Avengers have killed him in the current timeline. If Thanos can now kick the Black Panther with just one swing of the ax, then Captain America is a much harder opponent, especially when he uses the power of the hammer Mjolnir. Although he was beaten to the ground, and the shield was torn in two, Cap still did not flinch when he had to confront not only Thanos, but his entire army.

Captain America vs Black Panther?


Going back to these 2 characters, who will be able to win in the end if they have to face each other? The answer will probably depend a lot on the weapons they use. With the shield alone, maybe Steve Rogers won't be able to keep up with T'Challa, especially since Black Panther's armor can absorb the force exerted on it to return another force much more powerful. The two also had a quick confrontation in an airport battle.

However, if he was 'lent' the hammer Mjolnir or more horrible Storm Breaker (there was a scene in Endgame when he summoned this hammer and used it), then the win will definitely lean towards Captain America.