9 best horror movies in the first half of 2020

9 best horror movies in the first half of 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the horror genre managed to have a few good movies released in theaters at the beginning...

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the horror genre managed to have a few good movies released in theaters at the beginning of the year, as well as works on streaming platforms to serve audiences some scary moments.

The second half of 2020 will be a booming opportunity for the horror genre with films to look forward to such as A Quiet Place Part II, Saint Maud, Antlers, Antebellum, Spiral, and Candyman. But for now, let's take a looking at great horror movies we already had this year.



Launched in January, which was the time when many low-quality works were released to fill the void, Underwater had a better performance than many people expected. The film tells the story of a group of scientists working at an undersea drilling rig that suddenly has a technical problem. They try to survive as the rigs exploded and suffered frin earthquakes. The team unexpectedly discovers that the cause of all these incidents was from some deep sea monsters.

Come to Daddy


This first film by producer / director Art Timpson is a mix of the thriller genre and dark comedy, creating a new feeling for viewers. Actress Elijah Wood plays the 30-year-old Norval Greenwood, who is currently an alcoholic and has a hard life with his mother. Therefore, his father asked Norval to move in with him so that he could help his son get better. Norval thought a peaceful countryside with a life next to his father would be a perfect therapy, but in fact his father was hiding a horrifying secret that led to a series of violent incidents that changed Norval's life forever.

Gretel & Hansel


A slight change in the name of the classic fairy tale greatly altered what people expects of this movie. Everything seems familiar, with two kids being pushed into the forest and a witch eating children, However, this time, she had another intention, which is to train Gretel to become her successor in the future.

The Platform


The Platform created a fever in the Netflix user community for quite some time with a unique idea. The protagonist of the film volunteered to participate in a program at a multi-floored prison. The top floors will have all the delicious food. After eating, all that is left on the upper floors will be brought down and so on until the lowest level. Of course, the food cannot be enough for everyone, leading to unfortunate and crazy events…



This is a psychological horror movie starring actress Haley Bennett, who takes the role of Hunter. Hunter is a housewife mother who has a comfortable life after marrying a rich husband. However, Hunter has a syndrome that makes her swallow dangerous things. This was a defense mechanism against Hunter's husband treating her as a possession, not as a wife. The work has impressive moments that can shock viewers.

The Lodge


In 2014, the Austrian horror film Goodnight Mommy surprised many audiences by its content and how the message was delivered. This is a very rare work when the bad guys were the children and throughout the work is scary scenes that lead viewers into the emotional struggle between the mother and the children. The Lodge continues to use broken family relationships as its core. But this time we have a stepmother instead, and the mysterious, supernatural elements are also replaced by superstitious religion and the human mind.

We Summon The Darkness


Three girls who are passionate about heavy-metal music come to a concert together and meet a group of 3 guys who are passionate about them. They decided to hold a party after enjoying music together, but the group encountered a dangerous Satan cult. From a seemingly happy night, three beautiful girls must now fight for their lives.

Color out of Space


We can say that the most recent movie about space monsters that can satisfy the audience is A Quiet Place. But the film is just a battle to survive against monsters, so in terms of creativity, it still does not have many new points for viewers to be curious about. Color out of Space is different, with a story written by H.P. Lovecraft, you can imagine its macro scale. It is still very easy to understand and coherent, with the great acting by Nicolas Cage. The film also brings out frames with a strange purple color and many scary scenes where creatures are transformed by alien light.

The Invisible Man


After an outstanding performance with the horror Upgrade, Leigh Whannell continued to develop his strength with the classic movie The Invisible Man. The content of this film explores the fear of a violent relationship and how the lover's name tries to control the entire life of the main character Cecilia thanks to an invisible suit. The combination of Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Moss and Leigh's filmmaking makes it a breathtaking, creepy experience never before seen in previous 'invisible man' films.