8 best movies about being stranded in the ocean

8 best movies about being stranded in the ocean

Surviving is a human instinct, but humans are not born to survive in the middle of the ocean. The vast ocean, which is...

Surviving is a human instinct, but humans are not born to survive in the middle of the ocean. The vast ocean, which is both poetic and deadly, has entered movies in so many different ways. The 8 movies below are all about humans being stranded in the middle of the sea or a stretch of land jutting out in the vast waters. But each movie has a different way of expressing human values.

Open Water 2: Adrift (2007)


Not using the pseudo-documentary style like the first film released in 2004, Open Water 2 is also much less praised. There are a lot of minus points when comparing this movie to its elder brother. but you can still learn a lot from it. In other words, Open Water 2 is a miniature society: 6 friends, each has their own contradictions, one day all fell into the sea from their yacht and must find ways to climb back on board before the cold night comes.

The Disappeared (2012)


The seas were rough, and without protective gear, the six men had to paddle a lot to survive. This 2012's second biggest survival film is about a boat race in the North Atlantic, where a group of six men decided to paddle in a different direction and got stranded in the middle of the ocean. The film focuses more on storytelling than on gimmicks or intense effects. The result is a simple yet powerful, beautiful, and painful film.

Corn Island (2014)


"A small and pure film like a classic poem." A promontory formed in the middle of the river one day became the border of two small countries, Georgia and the Republic of Abkhazia. This is an isolated place stood in the midst of many constant conflicts. The film is about a man and his grandchild working as farmers between the two sides of the front line, between the fertility of alluvium and the storm that crushed their works.

The Bow (2005)


In the middle of the sea, there floats a ship that never moves. On that weird ship, there is a girl who for ten years did not know what land and modern life was. ‘The Bow’ is the last work inspired by Buddhism by Kim Ki Duk, about the pure love between people.

All Is Lost (2013)


There is only one actor in this movie. Robert Redford, an anonymous man, fights for his life in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The film is filled with nightmares as the ship is devastated by storms and the overwhelming loneliness of being a single man opposing nature. The script is completely unpredictable, but it is certainly a work of heroism, freedom of discovery and victory over human mental limits.

Life Of Pi (2012)


This Oscar-winning work not only conquered the demanding audience with its great CGI technique but also by its multi-layered story. It's about an Indian family who suddenly got in an accident in the middle of the sea, and the survived boy - Pi - had to stay alive on a lifeboat with… a tiger.

The Shallows (2016)


A shallow beach are sparsely populated, endowed with green beauty and beautiful waves. The dangerous thing here is the sudden appearance of a "crazy" shark. Nancy (Blake Lively) is trapped in dangerous waters, alone, injured and has to find a way to swim back as the shark is constantly lurking in the water. The good part of the movie is not only its ending, but also the emotional scenes of Nancy.

Castaway On The Moon (2009)


Seemingly inspired by Cast Away (2000), about the story of a man stranded on a desert island, ‘Castaway on the moon’ is even more unique. This man is not trapped on a deserted island but just a pile of dirt in the Han River. Unable to find a way to the shore, he began to find everything on the island to cultivate and make black soy noodles. This is considered one of the 20 best Korean movies of the 2000s.