8 funniest comedies of all-time to watch at home during COVID-19 lockdown

8 funniest comedies of all-time to watch at home during COVID-19 lockdown

Comedies are one of the top choices when you want to reduce stress and fatigue. If you are considering which movie to w...

Comedies are one of the top choices when you want to reduce stress and fatigue. If you are considering which movie to watch, let Starbiz suggest for you the 8 best comedies to watch during this social distancing.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

Referring to comedies, we can not ignore Mr.Bean, portrayed by Rowan Atkinson with natural acting and silly, amusing actions. The film's content revolves around the difficult and troublesome journey created by Mr. Bean himself when he came to France. Due to being clumsy, he missed the flight to Cannes and ran into all kinds of hilarious situation, which bring laughter to every viewer.


Zoolander 2

The film starts when the once world-famous supermodel - Derek Zoolander suddenly receives attention from Interpol. The main reason is because the world's most beautiful people have been continuously murdered. Especially, before they died, they all took a selfie in the pose of "blue steel", which were once exclusive to Zoolander.


Zoolander and his friend Hansel together infiltrate the fashion world with the goal of finding the murderer as well as hoping to reach the top of glory he used to have 10 years ago. The film has the participation of a number of popular European and American stars such as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Usher, Miley Cyrus. And its humorous script is definitely a good choice for you.

Comedies from Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow's movies have always been among the most famous comedies in the Hong Kong's film industry. Some his famous comedies you should not ignore are: Kung Fu Hustle, The Mermaid, King of Comedy, God of Cookery…


The Gods Must Be Crazy

The film debuted in 1980 but it is still considered one of the most successful comedies of South African cinema. The story revolves around a guy liveing in a tribe separate from society. When he suddenly picked up a bottle of Coke made from glass, he and the people in the tribe both identify this is a gift that God has given them. From there, the peaceful life in this place is turned upside down, bringing much laughter to the audience.


Life Of The Party

The movie is about a middle-aged woman Deanna (starred by Melissa McCarthy), who decides to return to college as a student. Her desire is to experience the atmosphere of the college, participate in extracurricular activities or student parties… Gradually, Deanna regained the true values ​​in the life that she always wanted. However, a big problem for this middle-aged lady is that her daughter also attended the college.


The Croods

The animated film revolves around a primitive family who needs to run away from extinction. During this journey, they meet Guy - a boy who lived in the primitive period but has a more modern mindset. Through a series of bad situations, the film will make you feel laugh and cry.


Johnny English

The film is about the oldest and clumsiest agent of British intelligence agency MI7 - Johnny English (played by Rowan Atkinson). While watching the movie, you will probably wonder why after many failed missions, this guy is not fired and is tasked with saving the world. But the reason is that even though Johnny English has silly actions, he always tries his best to complete the requests of the bosses.


Dumb and Dumber

This is the story of two kind-hearted but not-so-smart men, Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. They live together in an apartment in the city of Providence. Here, the duo encountered a lot of trouble with their foolish handling, promising to bring a lot of laughter to the viewers.