7 hidden details in The Batman trailer

7 hidden details in The Batman trailer

The Batman trailer reveals a lot of special details that not everyone recognizes with it is an extremely interesting pu...

The Batman trailer reveals a lot of special details that not everyone recognizes with it is an extremely interesting puzzle!

The DC Fandome: Hall of Heroes terrible event ended on August 23 with a key to make many people excited, it was the 2-minute trailer of The Batman movie - DC independent blockbuster with the participation of actor Robert Pattinson as Batman. With a unique detective and mystery style and stunning action scenes, the trailer of the film also reveals many unique details that many people will probably ignore. Let's verify in this article!

1. The film will have a modern setting


Contrary to rumors that The Batman will return to the 1990s, the trailer confirms that the film's setting is modern times. The detail that shows this is the man held hostage by the villain Riddler, holding a smartphone. In the latter part, we can also see a glimpse of Batman smashing a ruffian and having someone turn around with a smartphone. This also rejects the hypothesis that Robert Pattinson's Batman is "a youth version" of Ben Affleck, and affirms that The Batman will take place in an independent universe, without any dream of blockbusters. was previously under the DCEU.

2. Do you know who was murdered?


The trailer opens with a shrill tape when Riddler assassinates someone by sealing his face and writing "NO MORE LIES". If you don't know, this ill-fated victim is Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. - a corrupt politician.

Dubbed a dark detective movie, of course The Batman will bring viewers to the murder of evil to make Batman difficult and it seems Mayor Don is the first shot. Based on the trailer, many people also speculate that Riddler killed Don by sealing his face while he was alive, so that the victim would suffocate and die.

3. The meaning of the card and the mystery puzzle


With Mayor Don's death, it appears that Batman has been invited to the scene by the Gotham City Police Department (or at least invited by Jim Gordon). The reason for this is pretty obvious: Riddler has left a card with Batman's name on it. The front of the card features a skeleton (more likely to mention skull-shaped characters in the following paragraph) and the owl (a detail that reminds viewers of the Court of Owls - an evil organization in universe DC). The words printed on the poem card:

“From your secret friend.

Who? Haven and a clue?

Let's play a game,

just me and you… ”
However, what is more interesting lies in the words and symbols written on the card. The text on the left page is hidden, but enough for many people to guess the full message: “What does a LIAR do when he is DEAD?”. The solution to this puzzle is the seemingly meaningless letters written on the right page. In essence, it doesn't take long to solve this puzzle as each letter will represent a letter. Many people immediately realized the answer was "He LIES still".

Although this puzzle is not too difficult, it is also ingenious enough to help viewers realize the nature and class of Riddler - the famous villain throughout the long history of the character Batman. Thanks to the use of the character-letter board, viewers can also answer some of the puzzles that will appear later in the movie!

4. Next funeral riddle


Returning to the first point, the man in the hand of the smartphone also had a bomb in his neck and an envelope stuck to his chest with the words "send Batman" like a card at Mayor Don's assassination. This time, Riddler crashed a car into Mayor Don's funeral, painted with the word "DOA" on it.

The trailer also features a scene of bomb explosions at the funeral, likely alluding to the mournful fate of the man who was taken hostage by Riddler.

5. Catwoman steals the safe


This is the first time we see Catwoman (played by Zoe Kravitz) show up, and she is using her master stealing skills to unlock a safe. Rely on somewhat simple and moderately looking, it can be predicted right now that this is Catwoman who just started her career, not yet fully outfits and super high equipment. We also get to see a quite smooth confrontation between Batman and Catwoman, as she uses her cat-like fighting skills to attack Bruce without making a sound.

Based on the context where the safe is located, many people speculate that this is the Batman mansion. That is why Batman was so mad that he hit the "beautiful" Catwoman.

6. The original Batcave was very remote


The Batman took place at a time when Batman was only about 2 years old, so his Batcave looked pretty simple and secluded, not as fine as we have seen in other films like The Dark Knight or Batman v Superman. Anyway, it seems that the Batcave is still located in the basement of the Wayne house and has parking space for the Batmobile "super driver".

7. The real Riddler probably hasn't appeared yet!


Those expecting to see the villain Riddler in a green suit and a melon hat with a big question mark above will be disappointed to see him in this trailer. Contrary to the usual design, this killer was dressed by The Batman in a green coat and mask that looked rather dumb, without the familiar humor and elegance of Riddler. Many people believe that this character resembles Hush - another villain in the Batman comic books and also has a story that is closely related to Riddler. If this is true, then perhaps the "brand name" Riddler is still in hiding and has not appeared yet.

It should be noted that for now, The Batman has just gone through a production pause due to the epidemic. Therefore, the movie has only completed about 25-30% of the scenes and will need a lot of improvement to catch up with the release schedule on October 1, 2021. With positive feedback from the fan community about the film's style as well as Robert Pattinson's acting, The Batman is Warner Bros. 'best gamble. and also a great opportunity for this company to "atone" after what they did with Ben Affleck.