6 Hollywood 'bad girls' that take your heart away

6 Hollywood 'bad girls' that take your heart away

From Maleficent to Harley Quinn of the DC universe, the following "bad girls" series on Hollywood screens are more popu...

From Maleficent to Harley Quinn of the DC universe, the following "bad girls" series on Hollywood screens are more popular than the main characters.

Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) - Maleficent


As a villain in the world of Disney animation, but the movie Maleficent has cleverly explored the painful story of the Dark Star. After the parents of the Moors king and queen died, Maleficent alone (played by Angelina Jolie) ruled and protected her kingdom, but then she continued to be betrayed by her own lover. Pure heart is filled with hatred.

Maleficent is an antagonist model that the public loves very much thanks to her "inside and out and cold" character, although she is a bit rough with Aurora (Elle Fanning), she always cares for her every bit. In addition, shaping the Darkness of the female star Angelina Jolie also left an unforgettable impression, with white skin and black outfit to help highlight the bone structure that is no less than the 45-year-old star's supermodel.

Shego - Kim Possible cartoon


It seems that Disney is very pleased with fans when not only building "good people role models" loved by millions of children, but also possessing an extremely attractive and unique villain. In the animated series Kim Possible, the character "evil girl" Shego is the role model that many audiences, especially men, are passionate about year after year.

Shego is a strong assistant alongside Dr. Drakken, whose duty is to protect him and carry out dangerous missions. Because of that, she often clashed with Kim and Ron, making Kim - Shego become famous rivals on the small screen for a while. Despite being bound by a contract under his doctorate, Shego sometimes also sneakily "works part-time" with other villains, and also loves "cheating" his boss. The charm comes from the "cool from talking" appearance and the mysterious, powerful and arrogant personality that helps Shego win the hearts of viewers.

Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) - Scream Queens


While the European and American television segment is being "overshadowed" by the harsh psycho-psychological series, a young breeze like Scream Queens is the medicine to help the audience relieve stress. The film tells the story of a luxurious female student and how to confront a hidden murderer in his own mansion and school, from which a series of unfinished crying situations arise. Heading the sorority club is Chanel Oberlin, a "genuine brand" with 7749 tricks to show off.

The temperament unapproachable does not make Chanel No. 1 alienated by the audience. Actress Emma Roberts has successfully portrayed a very interesting character, a new generation "mean girl" every time she opens her mouth to add an old motto. Prejudices such as "stupid blonde", "rich girl with bubble head", … are all blended with Chanel Oberlin's subtle blend of suspicion and authoritarianism expressed in humorous details.

Stepmother Cate Blanchett - Cinderella


In 2015, the talented actress Cate Blanchett suddenly transformed into the notorious stepmother of Disney world in Cinderella (Cinderella) live-action version. Despite showing extremely successful cruelty from the heart of a woman for her husband's stepchildren, but the "Marshal" Hollywood also carries a charismatic temperament, even surpassing the female lead Lilly James.

Like Maleficent, through the movie version of "live", the audience is also more likely to feel sympathy for the stepmother. After all, she is also a woman who carries too much pressure, from ensuring her two daughters a full life to economic deprivation, especially after her second husband, also the father of Cinderella, died leaving the only source of support for her family cut off. Through the innocent and pure silhouette of Cinderella, Lady Tremaine feels jealous because of seeing a whole youth that she has never had and will not be able to get back, making viewers angry and love.

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) - Suicide Squad & DCEU


One of the few things that makes the Marvel movie universe hard to keep up with the DCEU is the elite villain that is "promoted" than the main superhero. One of them must include the "clown" Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) in the films Suicide Squad and Birds Of Prey. As a lover, or rather an assistant next to Joker, but in this naughty girl there are many interesting points that make the boys crazy.

Just like Shego, an adjective that describes Harley Quinn's inner self is "arrogant", she is best when standing alone and spreading everywhere. That is also the reason why millions of fans burst into joy when she "ended up" with Joker in Birds Of Prey, officially stepped on her own path. Since Suicide Squad, Harley has been the most prominent figure with unique styling, becoming a popular cultural symbol and an endless source of inspiration during Halloween seasons or large and small cosplay events around the world.

Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) - High School Musical series


You may not like the character Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) as a child, but surely the more you mature, the more reasons you will find more reasons to love the "big sister" of High School Musical. As a piece of "Evans sisters" next to his younger brother Ryan, in Sharpay fully converges the qualities of a notorious lady: rich, beautiful, has long lines of male pursuits, and ambition. Be the star. The way to achieve the glory of Sharpay can be annoying for the main couple Troy and Gabriella, but ultimately she is the one who dares to pursue dreams and have a clearer future goal than anyone else in the guild.

While the other characters "encroaching" to sing just because they like it or find it interesting, Sharpay and Ryan both raised their dreams from kindergarten, constantly practicing to one day become all-powerful stars to sing. - dance - act. Some viewers who watched her performances in the three parts of the film could not help but feel that Sharpay really exuded the aura of the real star, and was more entertaining and professional than any singing part.