Taylor Swift spoke about how Scooter Braun secretly sold her master copy

Taylor Swift spoke about how Scooter Braun secretly sold her master copy
Source: Taylor Swift spoke about how Scooter Braun secretly sold her master copy

Taylor Swift just shared on Twitter all information related to her old master record 6 albums at the moment.

On November 17, Taylor Swift shared on her Twitter about the master record after months of controversy over music rights between the singer and former manager Scooter Braun. This post caused people to continue to erupt in controversy, most of them expressing anger at the actions of Scooter Braun.

Specifically, Taylor Swift posted on the social network two pictures sharing all information about her old master record with the caption: "Been getting a lot of questions about the recent sale of my old masters. I hope this. clears things up ".

In the post, Taylor Swift wanted to inform everyone that her team was making an effort to negotiate with Scooter Braun in order to buy back the master of the six albums. However, Scooter side made a condition that wanted the female singer to sign an NDA agreement under which she was forced to keep quiet, not say anything about Scooter anymore - unless it was good to say. If she agrees, the Scooter side will consider and start working on the sale.

And the singer did not agree. Because she found this agreement extremely unusual, with such unreasonable conditions, she thought that Scooter had no intention of selling the master copy to her.

In addition, Taylor also shared that a few weeks ago, her team received a letter from a company called Shamrock Holdings - a private equity fund of the Disney family. It was announced in the letter that their company bought 100% of Taylor's masterpieces from Scooter for $ 300 million. Thus, this is the second time her music has been sold without her knowledge, nor with any consent from her.

In the letter, Shamrock Holdings said that they wanted to tell Taylor before buying the master copies, however Scooter did not allow it, they asked not to disclose the sale to Taylor and her team. know. If so, the sale will be immediately canceled. Therefore, after the successful sale, Shamrock Holdings can contact her to openly and transparently and hope to get her agreement to cooperate.

Soon after, Taylor soon contacted Shamrock Holdings and shared that although she was very grateful for their transparency, Taylor was forced to refuse because she did not want to help Scooter continue to have the opportunity to draw. and reap the benefits of your own master. Because, even though Shamrock Holdings acquired, Scooter team will continue to profit from her master for many years to come. Although she hopes to cooperate with Shamrock Holdings, if Scooter appears, she is forced to say no.

She also added that she is now embarking on re-recording the entire master and did not forget to "tease" with fans that there will be many surprises in these new products.

Although she understood that recording like that would more or less reduce its value, but it made her feel proud when listening to her old music, while also helping fans feel no guilt or concern that Scooter gets rich every time she listens to old albums.