The vibrant hits sweeping 2020 below are all available on all social music platform.

Ella Dice – TINI


When looking at the world music map at the present time, one of the names that cannot be ignored is TINI. The Argentinian singer has been busy with the release of three songs in 2020, not to mention Ella Dice, which is her fourth and newest product.

With a signature latin color, Ella Dice is a handshake between TINI and fellow rapper KHEA. Sharing about this combination, the 23-year-old singer could not hide her excitement. ‘I am extremely happy with the new song. The recording with another Argentine artist made the song even more special to me. ‘ Accompanied by the sexy, smooth but equally sweet voice from TINI, KHEA dropped into the melody of deep voice with a new reggae flavor. ‘Combining two genres of music is a very interesting challenge and the result makes me very happy’.

With South American tones and extremely catchy rhymes, it is not difficult to predict the future of ‘Ella Dice’ will become another overwhelming hit like the way Say So or Play Date did.

Feel Something – Bea Miller


Not all songs quickly find their place in the music market. More precisely, there are countless songs that must hold the title of anonymity for a long time before a chance to prove and shine, this story will most likely happen to Bea Miller’s ‘Feel Something’ in the near future.

Having just passed the one-year anniversary since its release, Feel Something when debuted did not bring too many positive effects for the 1999-born female singer. Despite her unremarkable performance, Feel Something is truly a The song is worth listening to, worth the enjoyment, and worth making a trend, regardless of whether it’s music charts or social media. ‘When you go through any pain, all you want is to make them go away as quickly as possible. But strangely it is the pain that makes me feel like a real person, makes me not feel like I’m empty no matter if it’s wrong or right. ‘ With a sad tone but imbued with thought and longing, the lyrics are like Bea Miller ‘s confession to friends of the same age:‘ I don’t wanna die but I don’t wanna live like this, I just wanna feel something, I just wanna feel ‘.

Miss U More Than U Know – Sofia Carson


Since its debut, Miss U More Than U Know has been a hot name when it is saved in thousands of playlists around the world of many music sites, quickly becoming a single with 2 million streams. only the first week of release.

Miss U More Than U Know is a female singer telling the story of a broken heart, having to say goodbye to the person she loves when there are too many questions. With the use of very familiar lyrics and themes, it is not difficult for this song to win sympathy from listeners. Miss U More Than U Know is not the product marking the first combination of the female singer to reach # 1 on the Billboard 200 and R3HAB. In fact, the couple previously released two songs together, Rumors and a hit called I LUV U. I LUV U is also a product that owns the top record on many music charts around the world. gender.

Natalie Don’t – RAYE


Last song on the list, but surely Natalie Don’t is not a weak candidate in this race. Even the song is a remarkable name with a lot of expectation from the female singer when composing this song.

Compared to a more modern version of Jolene’s song from Dolly Parton, Natalie Don’t is a girl’s plea to her friend Natalie not to become a ‘Tuesday’. ‘I knew immediately that this song had to be a single. The song is about feeling chaotic when you know you are losing someone. The song is beautiful but full of despair because you know Natalie will do what she wants no matter what. ‘ The song is part of a seven-track project that RAYE plans to release this summer. ‘I’m working on a project that talks about seven different phases of grief. It starts with a really dramatic song with a strong ballad material and then gradually transforms into an affirmation that he has overcome all those sadness. I am really proud of this product and cannot wait to enjoy it with everyone. ‘