The social-isolation time has made Ricky Martin wanted to have more kids with his lover, Jwan Yosef.

On August 12, Ricky Martin joined an interview with Out magazine where he shared about his life and career lately.


The singer revealed that he is now spending the lockdown with his partner and their 4 kids in a 1000m2-wide villa in Beverly Hills. His mother and manager also live with them.

Ricky said that he spend most of his free time taking care of their kids. He became a father at the age of 35 and now he is 48 years old, things are getting much different than before.

The kids have been home-schooled since they were young, therefore the quarantine didn’t affect much to their lives.


The twins Valentino and Matteo, 12 years old, learned Karate with a teacher online beside their temporary education.

Meanwhile, Renn, 1, and Lucia, 2, are just babies and still needs a lot of care from their parents.

Ricky also shared that he wanted to have more kids because he enjoyed watching the kids running around in the house.


“Sometimes I feel like I want to have more than 10 kids, but then they will run and cry at the same time. So 6 is enough”, he joked.

Ricky Martin has his 4 children by surrogacy. In the near future, the singer is thinking of adoption but it will be hard for a gay couple.

The coronavirus has pushed back many plans of the singer, including his tour around America. Music is like a religion to the singer, as he was a young performer since his childhood.

Besides taking care of the kids, Martin also spent time making and recording music. He plans to released two mini album (EP) this year.