007 has always been an iconic character to be portrayed by many different actors. This list was held by RadioTimes.com to name the top greatest Hollywood actors ever to play as the badass spy character.


As a result, Sean Connery has been voted to be the greatest actor to play as 007 while Roger Moore and blonde hair Bond spy Daniel Craig didn’t make it into the top three.


Sean Connery took the major ratio in the survey with 44 percent of the vote.


Timothy Dalton came in the second place, with 32 per cent of votes.


The third position belonged to Pierce Brosnan with 23 per cent.

The survey had more than 14,000 people voted for their favorite, with actors went against each other in different rounds during the survey.

In Round one, Connery beat Craig, with 56 percent of the vote compared with 43 percent of Craig.

In Round two, Brosnan came at the highest position with 76 percent against 24 percent for George Lazenby, who appeared in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Round three seemed to have the most surprising result, with Moore knocked out of the competition consisted of 41 percent of the vote, while the highest immediate actor Dalton scored 49 percent.

However, in the final round, three 007 actors pitting against each other, with Sean Connery voted as the greatest James Bond of all time ahead of Timothy Dalton and Piere Brosnan.

Tim Glanfield, editorial director of RadioTimes.com, said: “Sean Connery has once again proven he’s the Bond with the midas touch.”

“He Thunderball-ed over his opponents and received the most votes from RadioTimes.com readers (with love). It seems just like diamonds, Sean Connery’s appeal as 007 is for ever!”

Connery, 89-year-old, played Bond in the first five movies of the series, starting with Dr. No in 1962, and returned for 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever.

Moore starred in seven films while Dalton appeared in two movies, and Brosnan in four.


The upcoming 007 project is No Time To Die to be released this November with Daniel Craig’s appearance. This is Craig’s fifth and final film, as he officially announced to “retire” from the 007 actors career.