What if the famous movie Frozen has a live-action remake? The actress who plays as Elsa will definitely an interesting question. Top 5 actresses on the list are voted by fans as they could perfectly portray as Elsa.

Lili Reinhart


The Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is not only praised for her acting skills but also her stunning singing voice. She once shared a video on youtube a short clip of her covering the song “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak and fans had been so surprised because she could sing beautifully like a star. That’s why Lili is voted as a solid option for the role of Elsa.


Dakota Fanning


No one could deny the skills of Dakota Fanning when speaking of acting because the actress started her career at a very young age. It is understandable that Dakota is believed to pull off the role of the ice queen at the best if Disney makes Frozen live-action in the future.


Amanda Seyfried


With the way she performed in the Mamma Mia! franchise, the blonde beauty will for sure appear in this list with such a gorgeous blonde hair, skillful acting and amazing singing voice. In other words, Amanda Seyfried has all the factors qualified for the role.


Sophie Turner


The new mother is another wise option for queen Elsa in the live-action Frozen. She was the strong Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, the powerful Jean Grey in X-Men and for the role of the queen of ice, Sophie could totally nail it.

The actress has just welcomed her first child with husband, Joe Jonas and seemed that it’ll take quite a long time for Turner to head back on the shooting, but she is definitely a strong option.


Saoirse Ronan


The Lovely Bone star has been known for her unique style of acting, which could portray the character’s innermost feelings, alongside her deep blue eyes and stunning blonde hair. The actress has even shown her singing ability for a few times on the screen, so that makes sense for Disney to choose her as the lead in Frozen live-action.