After the first trailer, Netflix dropped another chilling part of the new movie, The Devil All the Time seeing Tom Holland puts a gun on Robert Pattinson’s head.


The movie based on a Gothic novel by Donald Ray Pollock, starring Robert Pattinson, as Preston Teagardin, who appears to be a preacher but turns out to be a whole different person.

Watch the trailer below.

Tom Holland‘s character Arvin Russell was seen telling his grandmother Emma (played by Kristin Griffith): “That ain’t no preacher – he’s as bad as they got on the damn radio.”

Arvin eventually confronts Preston in church, asking him: “Excuse me, preacher, you got time for a sinner?” before pulling a gun to him.

The trailer opens with a small birthday party for Arvin his family throws for him. The elderly relatives give him a gift, which is a gun that his late father “brought back from the war.”


At another point in the trailer Arvin says: “I know what my daddy did,” and a flashback describes a man who appears to be his father smothering another man in mud.

The father Willard (played by Bill Skarsgard), while Arvin’s mother Charlotte is portrayed by Haley Bennett.


Later intriguing snippets show one of the pictures resurfacing, as well as a glimpse of Arvin and Sandy pointing guns at each other in a car.

Eliza Scanlen plays Arvin’s friend Lenora who asks him at one point: “You ever think about how we ended up orphans living in the same house?”


Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan transforms from a soldier into a sheriff who utters the deep-meaning trailer’s tagline: “Some people are born just to be buried.”

The Devil All the Time also stars Mia Wasikowska, which was directed by Antonio Campos who co-wrote it with his brother Paulo Campos. The movie will be dropped on September 16.