For that reason, those who were watching got a good look at John Finlay assortment of tattoos. If you’ve already devoured every episode of Netflix’s Tiger King, then you were likely mesmerized by Joe Exotic’s eccentric sense of style.


John Finlay got a new gig as a welder and has settled down with his fiancée Stormey, who was apparently the woman seen with Finlay when he had his tattoo (which was a tribute to his now ex-husband) removed at the end of the docu-series, according to TMZ. Along with a new job and a new (future) spouse, Finlay also has a new set of teeth.


Among John Finlay’s many tattoos, it seems that he had at least three that were dedicated to his now-ex-husband, Joe Exotic. Along with the name “Joe” tattooed below the head of a big cat on Finlay’s chest (see first pic above), Finlay also has text inked across his upper arm that reads “For My Husband Joe.” But it’s the third tattoo that viewers of Tiger King may remember best.


I think he was very proud of his tattoos. That’s a big thing in that particular culture,” the docu-series’ co-director, Rebecca Chaiklin told the Los Angeles Times. That may be true, but there was a least one piece of ink that Finlay was apparently willing to get rid of.