It seems Suri Cruise‘s life is still extremely comfortable and happy even without the care from her father.


In April, Suri Cruise – daughter of actor Tom Cruise and ex-wife Katie Holmes officially turned 14, becoming a beautiful young woman. It can be said that, whether as a child or when becoming a young woman, Suri Cruise has always been the focus of attention of the public and the media thanks to her cute appearance. Looking at the adult images of Tom Cruise’s daughter, most of the online community are surprised by the beautiful young woman’s appearance, the outstanding height that Suri Cruise owns.


Actress Katie Holmes once revealed, baby Suri is a very strong girl, she is sociable and rich in love. Ex-wife Tom Cruise said: “My biggest goal is to raise her to be herself. Suri has a very personality and she lives quite strongly and confidently. Once she chooses to do something, she will do it to the end and try to do it well. After that, the termite girl does something else. “ Through the words of Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise is a girl with a very focused and hardworking personality.


Many people commented that, little Suri is a miniature copy of Katie Holmes as she gets older, the more she possesses the same characteristics as her mother. After ending her marriage with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes adopted Suri, mother and daughter to New York to settle down. With no nannies or bodyguards as often as they were in the time when her parents were living together, Suri was with Katie Holmes in New York walking to school by herself. In particular, mother and daughter often use the subway as a means of transportation like ordinary people.


With no more flamboyant figure of a princess as a child, Suri Cruise’s adulthood is open-minded, participating in more charitable activities with his mother and classmates. Perhaps that has helped shape Suri Cruise’s strong and independent personality. She is still happily happy with her current life without the care of her father. Only 14 years old, but Suri Cruise has owned long, straight legs inherited from Katie Holmes.


According to Us Weekly, the court ruled that Tom Cruise had the right to visit Suri 10 days a month, but during the past time, the actor almost never did it. Under the divorce agreement in 2012, Tom Cruise paid a $ 10 million pension to raise Suri until the age of 18. However, many people believe that this amount of money is extremely meager compared to the huge fortune of Tom Cruise. That is what makes the beautiful image of Tom Cruise worse in the audience. Although she no longer wears designed clothes like when she was a kid, but now Suri Cruise’s fashion style often receives praise from the public for her elegance and tenderness.


When she’s with her mother, Suri Cruise always smiles brightly, proving her life is extremely happy.