Actress Megan Fox is intoxicated in her new love with the 4-year-younger rapper after she ended a 10-year marriage with actor Brian Austin Green.


Male singer Machine Gun Kelly – new boyfriend of Megan Fox – posted a picnic picture with her on Instagram with the confession “in love”. The 30-year-old rapper spread roses on the carpet, with Megan watching the sunset from a deserted hill in Los Angeles.


Megan Fox was also seen at the mansion of the actress in Hollywood on June 17. The couple left the house together, went out to play in Megan’s car.


The source shared on E! News: “Megan spends the afternoon and evening with Machine Gun Kelly at his house. She meets Machine several times a week. When Brian looks after the baby, she often visits her boyfriend. “.

Machine Gun Kelly left home with Megan Fox on Wednesday night.


Megan Fox has separated from her husband for half a year. She and actor Brian Austin Green decided to break up in peace to take good care of the three boys. The source said that Brian still loves Megan and hopes that they can heal like the break in 2015. However, Megan Fox is very different from the past and she is deeply in love with her new man.


Megan Fox and Brian were married in 2010 and had three sons.


“It was difficult for Brian to see Megan dating publicly but he was trying to fill the time spent with his children and friends,” the source said. Brian has recently been seen eating lunch with Courtney Stodden’s ‘blonde sex bomb’, looking quite happy.