Hair getting long in quarantine? Blake Shelton feels your pain. Luckily for the country star, 43, he had a haircut appointment scheduled for Monday, conducted by his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. While he was being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.”

Gwen Stefani gives Blake Shelton a quarantine haircut-1

As Shelton explained, it’s important amid quarantine to stay in a routine. And his routine that day while staying in Oklahoma with “a bunch of Stefanis” included both a haircut and a remote appearance on the late night show.

Gwen Stefani gives Blake Shelton a quarantine haircut-2

This interview – I wanted to do it, but we actually have a schedule that we already had lined up for today and I don’t think we can put it off any longer,” he told Fallon as Stefani, wielding a hair clipper, stepped into frame.

The singer-songwriter, 50, explained that she needed to help her boyfriend “grow out his mullet,” trimming the sides of his hair while Fallon continued to ask them both questions.