Chadwick Boseman has given black kids a superhero statue they can be proud of.


Black Panther must be an unforgettable symbol in the hearts of film lovers in general. This film is considered as one of the most successful works in the Marvel movie universe when it excelled at winning a prestigious Oscar, high box office revenue and was praised by special sites. However, for black children in particular, the film and Black Panther character portrayed by Chadwick Boseman had the most powerful influence. Because in their eyes, he is the representative of equality and a strong, hopeful life in the future.

According to author Stereo Williams on Dailybeast, his childhood contains hatred for black heroes built earlier on the screen. Most of the time, they are all incompetent, lackluster and sometimes even petty people. This caused a black child to look at his fellow countrymen without feeling empathy or connection. But with Black Panther, this character is like an exclamation mark that summarizes the endless process of fighting for equality of the black community over the past decades.


Black Panther brings a completely different emotion compared to the image of black people on the screen before, especially the superheroes brought before. It clearly explores, engaging not only an audience but also academic critics of the tense relationship between Africans and African Americans, the lingering effects of American imperialism. It gives the image of a black hero strong, tough, but also rich in love and pride for its own skin color. Black Panther is a perfect film to portray the lives, society, psychology of black people, they are kind, honest, full of enthusiasm, they have good people, they also have bad guys and special they always fight for the good.

Chadwick Boseman really brought a beautiful performance of a powerful hero image but also hidden many corners in thinking and emotions. He becomes an iconic black hero, an inspirational image for children. So that they don’t look at the image of a white superhero and wonder when their people can be so heroic and glorious, when will their people no longer be a weak, weak person. evil, treacherous villain. “Black Panther” Chadwick Boseman is the hope of many children, especially black children.