American television witnessed the appearance of many new names in the fantasy-myth genre with a quality that makes everyone admire, overtake the Game of Thrones in just a few notes.

More than 1 year has passed since the television blockbuster Game of Thrones ended, leaving many regrets in the hearts of world fans. The great success of the film has made TV systems strongly “single-handedly” blockbusters with the amount of money that can be seen and stunned.

Up to the present time, there have been many new names appearing with equally great caliber with highly appreciated performance, even many compared movies will take the throne that Game of Thrones left behind. Let’s take a look at some of the faces in the European-American drama industry recently. All are well worth watching and have a huge effect in the fan community.

Raised by Wolves


Under the name of director Ridley Scott (who once made the success of The Martian, Alien), Raised by Wolves is a 7-episode sci-fi film aired on HBO Max. The film takes place after the Earth is destroyed by a war and humanity must spread across the galaxy to find a place to live. Two robots called Father and Mother (Mother) have been tasked with raising a group of children on the planet Kepler-22b. Raised by Wolves focused deeply on concepts related to human faith, raising the problem of the conflict between religion and science.

At the same time, Raised by Wolves also spoils the audience with the spectacular image and action like a super product in theaters. The film builds on a mysterious distant future Kepler-22b world with spaceships and airplanes like Star Wars. The main character of the film is notorious for being an old robot that possesses strange superpowers, flies like a fairy in the sky and is not afraid to “kill” an entire army to protect her children. Currently, the film is rated 85% by the audience on Rotten Tomatoes and international critics and newspapers are constantly praising Raised by Wolves. The success of the first season quickly caused HBO to continue the second season of the film.

Lovecraft Country


If you have ever liked horror movies like Get Out or Us, Lovecraft Country will be the next heavy TV version that you need to watch. The film tells about Atticus Freeman – a man on a journey to find his father in the 1950s, when America was heavily discriminating. The main character not only suffers the horror of racism, but also has to deal with horror monsters like only in the legend. Lovecraft Country, produced by HBO with two endorsement names, J. J. Abrams and Jordan Peele will make the audience dazzle with nightmares the film brings. After its debut, the film was immersed in countless compliments from major newspapers as well as world audiences. Many people describe the film as crazy but serious, creative and full of its own with a “fresh” score of 87%.

The Mandalorian


The Star Wars universe has been growing since Disney’s hands, with one of the most notable names being the TV series The Mandalorian, shown on the Disney + system. The film received an Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series, and won 7 creative categories. The series is set five years after the movie Return of the Jedi, tracking a bounty hunter in a galaxy far far away, with each episode telling of one of his special missions. Although The Mandalorian has only 8 episodes, the budget that Disney poured into is up to 100 million dollars, explaining the impressive visuals that are not inferior to the movie Star Wars. One of The Mandalorian’s favorite details about The Mandalorian is the appearance of The Child, also known as “Baby Yoda”.

The film quickly brought great success and became the brightest name on the list of Disney + products. The first season of the film reached an impressive 93% on the Rotten Tomatoes rating, and fans are also eagerly waiting for the arrival of the second season to be released in late October.

The Witcher


The movie most likely to overtake Game of Thrones is probably Netflix’s The Witcher. The Witcher’s magical and monster universe opens up magical stories that make the audience die-hard. With the participation of Superman – charming actor Henry Cavill, the film is invested up to 10 million dollars per episode, so the visuals and effects are always beyond expectations. The Witcher also did not hesitate to go “to the dock” with very gory action scenes and hot eye-catching sexual segments between the main actors. Many also compared the movie as a combination of Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings.

The attraction of the film also quickly paved the way for season 2 and another independent series called The Witcher: Blood Origin in the same universe.