VIXX Hongbin, who caused controversy by making rash remarks during a drunk broadcast in March, will temporarily stop his entertainment activities.


On May 1, VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment posted a message on their official fan cafe and said, “We decided to stop the Twitch broadcast after sufficient discussion with Hongbin regarding’s the artist future activities,” adding, “He is also going to take some time staying away from other entertainment activities, and prepare to greet the fans again in the mean time.”

Regarding malicious comments, they also warned, “We are continuously checking malicious postings such as malicious slander, sexual harassment, spreading false information, insults and defamation related to VIXX, and are currently checking the process of filing the complaint through a law firm lawyer. We will respond strongly by using all legal methods without any agreement or leniency on the writings that could damage the reputation of our artists.”

The agency then said, “Thank you for loving and supporting VIXX. We will do our best to protect the rights and interests of artists.”


Earlier, in March, Hong caused a stir by making disparaging remarks about other idol groups’ songs and choreography while listening to SHINee ‘Everybody’ and INFINITE ‘Be Mine’ during a live Twitch broadcast. Since then, VIXX member Ravi and his agency Jellyfish Entertainment have expressed their apologies, and Hong Bin himself has also made a formal apology.