NATTY shared their thoughts on her debut showcase with single ‘Nineteen‘.

On the afternoon of May 7, NATTY’s debut showcase was conducted online by COVID-19.


NATTY shared her feelings when debuting at the showcase: “I am very happy and nervous. Because I was so nervous, I didn’t sleep well. I will try to do well, though. ”

Also, about the highlight choreography for her debut song ‘Nineteen’, she drew attention by introducing that she can create number 19 by hand gestures. “You just need to make the number 1 by the right hand and the ‘OK’ sign by the left hand.”


NATTY’s debut song Nineteen, this year, contains a story about dreams and overcoming difficulties.

NATTY appeared on the 2015 SIXTEEN show and showed outstanding vocal and dance skills despite her age at 14, thereby leaving a deep impression on Kpop fans.