BTS’s SUGA drew attention after talking about his collaboration song with IU.


On May 2nd, SUGA held a V Live audio broadcast ‘DJ SUGA’s Honey FM FM 07.13′ where he revealed some behind the scenes stories with his bandmate RM appearing as a guest while making the song, titled “Eight”.


As fans asked Suga about the new music, RM said, “Would you please talk about it a bit? It’s coming out soon.

“I’ve heard it. It’s a really good song to listen to while driving. I don’t have a driver’s license, but I’m planning to listen to it while riding a bicycle. I think people would listen to it for a long time.”

Suga said, “The song’s really nice. The production process was very smooth, so there wasn’t a lot of back-and-forth. As soon as I sent her the beat, the melody came quickly after that.”

He added, “Usually, I don’t listen to the song I’ve worked on after it’s released, because I tend to only hear things that I could have done better. The moment the song leaves my hands, I think it’s up to the listeners. But I’ve been listening to ‘Eight’ even after finishing it.”

After talking about Suga’s upcoming mixtape plans and his dedication to good music, the two promised fans they would soon be back with more content.

Suga said, “It’s very healing to communicate with people like this, especially in these times. There are a lot of benefits to it.” RM added that he would join Suga whenever his bandmate called. 

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Both RM and SUGA’s praises for the song have led to more anticipation for the upcoming track, which is due to drop in a couple of days! Stay tuned for the May 6th release date.