Vogue Korea Drops Full Pictorial Of Gorgeous Soccer Player Cho Gue Sung

Vogue Korea Drops Full Pictorial Of Gorgeous Soccer Player Cho Gue Sung

One key benefiter of the 2022 FIFA World Cup might be star soccer player Cho Gue Sung. Cho Gue Sung had already had quite the local attention as a player for the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC, but now his fame has stretched globally as the world has taken notice of his hot visuals at the world cup.

This opened more doors for the player, and thanks to his newly earned global fame, Cho Gue Sung was able to appear in various shows and magazine pictorials.

Cho Gue Sung adorned multiple covers of the January 2023 edition of 'Vogue Korea,' which was revealed a few days back.

On December 23, Vogue Korea revealed the soccer player's full pictorial unraveling Cho Gue Sung's handsome visuals and never-before-seen charms.

Vogue Korea also revealed the interview with the star soccer player, where he shared different things about himself.

Cho Gue Sung shared, "I started (soccer) at the age of 10. My father likes soccer so much that he plays morning soccer. I had no interest in sports at all. But one day, my father asked me to go somewhere with him. So, I followed him, and it was where he plays soccer. He told me to start playing starting the next day so that's how I started. I'm thankful to my dad since I turned out well thanks to him."

Cho Gue Sung also revealed that his mother was against him playing soccer and explained, "I think my father has an eye (to see talent). When he said he would make me play soccer, my mother was against it. She used to be a volleyball player so she knew how hard it would be."

The soccer player also shared that his family came to Qatar to watch the tournaments. He explained, "The whole family came to watch the game in person. My brother-in-law and my nephews couldn't come but my oldest sister, second sister, and parents came... They said this before going. 'When will we ever experience something like this again?' I thought isn't it wonderful to watch the global game of the World Cup together like this? whether or not I play. But it turned out better than I thought because things turned out better than I expected. My family cried a lot."

Cho Gue Sung also revealed that his role model is Park Ji Sung and shared, "I was born in 1998 so I don't remember the 2002 World Cup but I watched all of his matches later. It was really cool to see how the Sunbaenims (seniors) were active. They were promoting Korea overseas and raising the status of Korean soccer players. He inspired me to play midfielder actually. I started playing with the thought 'I really want to be like him.'"

The soccer player also shared he didn't have natural talent from the beginning. He shared, "When I was in the 3rd year of middle school, our class had a little over 10 kids, and I was the second smallest. When I went to high school, I was very tall, but my body was small. I continued to grow even until recently. When I graduated from college, I was 185cm tall, but after I became a professional soccer player, I grew about 3cm taller. Now 188 cm. I wish I was a little taller, but I think I've finished growing up now. (Laughs) At that time, all I could do was work hard. Other players play full-time as a starter, but I always had to come out after the first half. I was half a player. There were many days when I couldn't even participate. Instead of not being able to play, I filled it up with training. Unconditionally, I worked harder than everyone else."

Source: Allkpop