Top 11 Korean Idols & Actors Shows Uneven Faces Are Super Attractive

Top 11 Korean Idols & Actors Shows Uneven Faces Are Super Attractive

Did you notice their facial asymmetry before?

Facial symmetry is often seen as the pinnacle of beauty. So, it might surprise you that some of the most beautiful and handsome K-Pop idols and K-Drama actors actually have uneven faces. In a new YouTube video, Seoul plastic surgeon PSPS revealed the unexpected idols with facial asymmetry.

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

According to PSPS, the left side of BLACKPINK Jennie’s face is actually longer than the right.

However, rather than shy away from her asymmetry, he noted that she actually exposes it more in photos.

2. Irene (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet Irene is another beautiful idol whose left face side is longer than the other.

PSPS pointed out that her nose also points slightly towards the right.

3. Tzuyu (TWICE)

It seems there’s a trend among Big 3 girl group idols—the left side of TWICE Tzuyu’s face is also longer.

The corner of her left eye is longer too, while the right side of her face is “more chubby“.

4. Kim Soo Hyun

Female stars aren’t the only ones who prove asymmetry can be gorgeous.

Popular It’s Okay to Not Be Okay actor Kim Soo Hyun has an asymmetric jaw, with a most chiseled left size and a rounded right side.

5. Taeyong (NCT)

Look closely, and you’ll see that NCT Taeyong has an asymmetrical facial structure too.

According to PSPS, once again, the left side of his face is longer.


PSPS says BIGBANG T.O.P has a noticeable amount of facial asymmetry.

The left side of his face is longer, and the tip of his nose veers to one side.

7. Suzy

While one half of Start-Up actress Suzy’s face isn’t technically longer than the other, PSPS says it looks that way.

That’s because her eyes are asymmetrical, with her left eye sitting slightly higher than her right eye.

8. Han So Hee

Alongside one of her eye corners sitting higher than the other, The World of the Married actress Han So Hee is another star with a longer left face side.

And So Hee has even spoken up about her facial asymmetry in the past, expressing how she thinks it can become a charming point for actresses who need to show many sides.

9. Lee Naeun (April)

Which side of April Naeun’s face do you think is longer?

You guessed it—as with many others on this list, it’s the left side.

10. Go Yoon Jung

The left eyebrow and eye on actress Go Yoon Jung’s face are slightly raised.

On top of that, PSPS says the middle of her face looks longer on the left side.

11. Ju Ji Hoon

Last but not least, PSPS named Kingdom actor Joo Ji Hoon as another handsome star with an asymmetric face.

The most noticeable sign is in his eyes, which are different yet equally attractive shapes.


Top 10 Female Idols Shocked Everyone With Their Tiny Ant Waists

In Korea, the term "ant-waist" is used to describe someone with an incredibly tiny waist. Here are 10 idols who shocked everyone with their amazingly tiny waist. Let's come to the list now.

1. Naeun (Apink)

Naeun’s waist has become famous because of how tiny it is. Her waist is only 22 inches, one of the smallest in the K-biz.

2. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Though Seulgi’s waist size hasn’t been found out yet, fans have guessed that it might be 24 inches. Fans especially notice her tiny waist when she turns to the side.

3. Soojung (Lovelyz)

Soojung is usually seen rocking jeans and a crop top, showing off her amazing body and her ant waist. Her fancam once went viral for how tiny her waist is!

4. YooA (OH MY GIRL)

YooA is known for her out of this world body, with many saying she has perfect proportions of her body. Other than her ant waist, she has a long neck, arms, and legs which make her look like a goddess!

5. Nakyung (fromis_9)

Nakyung has recently been gaining attention for her stunning visuals during fromis_9’s comeback for “FUN!”. Her ant waist has fans even more envious of her gorgeous visuals!

6. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jennie continues to take fans breath away, this time for her gorgeous ant waist. Jennie is known to take pilates and fans believe that helped shape her tiny waist.

7. Sowon (GFRIEND)

Known for her long legs and model-like proportions, Sowon has fans admire her over tiny ant waist and continues to say she should step into the modeling industry.

8. Jang Wonyoung (IZ*ONE)

Jang Wonyoung is only 14 and already making heads turn with her tiny ant waist! So young and already so gorgeous, fans are wondering if she will continue to blossom as she grows older.

9. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Weki Meki’s Doyeon is known for her ridiculously small waist, with many saying that they are envious of the idol’s proportions. With her unique face and long legs, everyone all hope to be just as beautiful as Doyeon.

10. Joo Kyulkyung/Zhou Jieqiong (formerly of PRISTIN)

Known as the visual of both I.O.I and PRISTIN, Kyulkyung has fans doing a double-take after revealing her ant waist, with many wondering how someone could be so perfect.