Many Shades of EXO Chanyeol's Hair Colors Throughout The Years

Many Shades of EXO Chanyeol's Hair Colors Throughout The Years

EXO Chanyeol, An Idol Who Can Look Pretty Good In Every Hair Color.

EXO Chanyeol, An Idol Who Can Look Pretty Good In Every Hair Color

EXO’s Chanyeol is one of the idols who often looks to change his hair color and exactly he always looks good and perfect in every color he chooses. He can always steal our hearts in every hair color, it’s really amazing and it’s bad for our hearts. So without further ado, here are some photos of him with some of his choices of hair color to make your heart go wild. Here we go!


Chanyeol’s Pink Hair

Chanyeol’s pink hair looks really good on him and makes him look really cute and adorable. But at different times, it can make him look like he is the sexiest man alive. Even though it’s pink he can pull it off so nicely that you won’t be able to handle it anymore.


Chanyeol’s Red Hair

His red hair was iconic: many fans said that red hair Chanyeol is another level of superior, he looks so hot in every moment with his red hair. Many fans want Chanyeol’s red hair to make a comeback.


Chanyeol’s Blonde Hair

Chanyeol looks so gorgeous with his light blonde hair; he often wears his hair blonde but surprisingly, he always makes fans amazed with every appearance with blonde hair. There is no word again.


Chanyeol’s Grey Hair

Chanyeol has tried so many different hair colors but grey has always been the fans’ favorite as it placed even more attention on his young, defined features and it’s made fans go even crazier when they see him with his grey hair.


Chanyeol’s Blue Hair

When Chanyeol dyed his hair blue for “Power,” many fans had mixed reviews and feelings about it but with a face like Chanyeol’s, we believe that he can pull off any and every look. The blue hair fits the song and theme of the comeback amazingly. The point is: Chanyeol still looks amazing with his bright blue hair.


Chanyeol’s Black Hair

Every Korean idol looks really good when they change their hair color to black, one of them is EXO’s Chanyeol. Whether it is any color of the rainbow or just his natural hair color, Chanyeol rocks every do’ and we as fans will always support his every hair color!


Chanyeol’s Purple Hair

As quoted by allkpop, Chanyeol mentioned in the Ko Ko Bop Vlive that he went to the hairdresser every day for a week to actually get his hair maintained at this particular shade of purple for their comeback. We appreciate the dedication that he has for his fans and the efforts he has made to look good for their comeback! And we all know that he still looks pretty good with that hair.


Bonus: Chanyeol’s Long Hair

Chanyeol wasn’t sure what stylists would want to do with his hair once he debuted, so he kept growing it out. It was long for a while after debut, too, so it seems stylists agreed with fans that it suited him. In case you miss Chanyeol’s long hair when he debuted with EXO in 2012, which is the “MAMA” era, and remembering how much like a flower boy he looked. Here is a little throwback for the dearest EXO-Ls.