6 "Snow Whites" of South Korea who slay long black hair

6 "Snow Whites" of South Korea who slay long black hair

These 6 stars are called "Snow Whites" because they really have 'skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black...

These 6 stars are called "Snow Whites" because they really have 'skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony'. Some of them have never changed their hair color, others have tried many colors but then returned to black hair.

Seo Ye Ji


The star of 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay' seems to have never dyed her hair, even brown, but she is not out of fashion.. No matter in movies or in real life, she is loyal to the smooth black hair. Seo Ye Ji's hair is also a main factor that makes up her beauty.


In the drama, she has long black hair that is always braided, or tied sophisticatedly. In real life, however, even when she attends big event, Seo Ye Ji just has the most natural hairstyles. Her black hair has the advantage of flattering her lovely face and flawless white skin.

Han Ye Seul


Han Ye Seul did not change her hair color for too long - she only dyes it for a few days, then returns to black hair. Black hair brings a sense of charisma and elegance to the actress.


She looks the most luxurious and youngest with long black hair. She often makes up lightly and let her black hair work its magic.



Jennie also tried many hair colors but black is still the color that makes her beauty shine the best. She has a typical Korean face so black hair fits her look very well.


Although she has platinum-dyed hair in 'How You Like That', Jennie returned to black hair soon after finishing the MV. Black hair helps to enhance the white skin and add a lovely aura to her appearance. Combined this with attractive makeup, not many people can resist her charm.



IU has a n adorable look that makes people feel warm and comfortable. It can be said that IU's beauty is even more pure when she has black hair.


Tzuyu (TWICE)

Having changed quite a lot of hair colors, from purple, bright yellow to red… Tzuyu still looks most beautiful in black hair. The TWICE member's sleek black hair combined with red or orange lipstick make her look like a real baby.


She was praised by fans when she gave up her garish hair colors to return to her original black hair. The hair color helps Tzuyu stay youthful, elegant and sharp at the time.


Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy has had various hair colors such as blue and yellow, but no color is as prominent as black. Black hair brings out her lovely beauty and rare charisma. That is why the Red Velvet member is one of the "Snow Whites" in South Korea, as her ebony black hair stands out with her bright white skin.


Bright eyes, red lipstick and black hair are a great combination Joy uses to make others fall in love with her. The idol also received more compliments when having black hair.