Jung Hae Min, the runner-up of 'Physical: 100,' personally reveals the truth behind the controversy that the show was manipulated

Jung Hae Min, the runner-up of 'Physical: 100,' personally reveals the truth behind the controversy that the show was manipulated

Just about a week ago, the popular Korean reality competition show 'Physical: 100' came to an end, with the winner revealed at the same time.

In the final round, Crossfitter Woo Jin Yong beat out cyclist Jung Hae Min and came out on top, winning the 300 million KRW (227,000 USD) prize money.

However, right after the final episode aired, 'Physical: 100' faced much turmoil becoming embroiled in various controversies with their contestants. With the ongoing controversy with the contestants, another controversy broke out when rumors that the last round was manipulated.

According to the rumors, the final quest had to be played in 3 rounds due to technical issues. The claims say that Jung Hae Min was winning the final round when Woo Jin Yong stopped the round, stating there was an issue with his equipment.

In response to the rumors, Netflix Korea responded by saying, "We did not change the results that had already been finished nor did we change the condition so that a particular contestant would win. Also, there has not been a 'rematch' that unilaterally reset the progress or changed the game results."

Then on February 28, the runner-up, Jung Hae Min, personally spoke about the game results in an interview.

Jung Hae Min began by sharing, "I saw the main producer of 'Physical: 100' write on Instagram 'a lie can become well-known, but it cannot be the truth,' so I thought the time has come to speak up and share my position as one of the two people involved in the final match."

He then continued to give a detailed explanation of the situation of the final match.

Jung Hae Min explained, "In July 2022, we did four rounds of the TOP5 match, where one person gets disqualified in each round. When we started the rope-pulling match, there was a big difference (between Woo Jin Yong and me). Even members who were watching said that my speed was three times faster."

He then explained that mid-way in the final round, Woo Jin Yong raised his hand and said that "the wheel was making too much noise," claiming that there was a fault in the equipment. Jung Hae Min claimed that is when the producers began to intervene. The producers lubricated the wheel and made the round easier.

Jung Hae Min claimed that the battle was nearing the end when the producers stopped the round once again. He explained, "We were taking a break when the producers came and said that they couldn't use the footage because of an audio issue. The producers said that they would cut the rope and will film again if I am okay with it. Woo Jin Yong agreed to it too."

He shared that he was against it until the end, but the producers convinced him, and he thought everything would be resolved if they refilmed.

He elaborated, "The producers said we can take a break and we can even film the next day. But then I couldn't tell hundreds of people to come out again the next day," and explained he agreed to the rematch.

Jung Hae Min then said, "The producers said they would cut the rope as much as I had already pulled out, but I don't know if they really cut it or not. Also, they talked about a fault with the equipment, but I'm not even sure if there was really a fault with the equipment. Maybe it was because I ran out of strength, but when I tried to pull, it wouldn't budge."

He then shared that he asked the producers to include in the episode an explanation of why he ran out of strength, but the producers told him that "The contestants cannot intervene with the editing."

Jung Hae Min ended the interview by saying, "I don't want to be number 1 nor do I want a rematch. I don't want the money either. I also hope that there is no aggression against Woo Jin Yong. I just feel that the show was edited to make it seem like I lost in vain. That's what's hard to accept as an athlete."

He once again stressed, "I want to say this again, but I don't want to attack anyone. I was having a hard time that's why I came to talk about this personally. I just wish there is no one who is inconvenienced."

Source: Allkpop