BTS V’s Sense Of Humor And Chemistry With Lee Seo Jin Steal Hearts In The First Episode Of 'Jinny's Kitchen'

BTS V’s Sense Of Humor And Chemistry With Lee Seo Jin Steal Hearts In The First Episode Of 'Jinny's Kitchen'

TVN’s much-anticipated variety show, ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ starring Lee Seo Jin, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yoo Mi, and Kim Tae Hyung (V of BTS) premiered on Friday; kick-starting the season with an impressive viewership rating of 8.8%.

BTS’s V who joined the show as an intern wowed the viewers with his hard work and dedication in completing the assigned tasks to perfection. However, what ultimately stole hearts globally was none other than his wittiness and the unique bond he shares with his boss, Lee Seo Jin.

Here are the top three favorite moments of V that left the viewers in splits:

1. The honesty of Intern Kim.

Viewers were heartily delighted to see Boss Man Seo Jin in shock when V innocently confessed to drinking four cans of juice while they were struggling to sell much.

2. Face Mask or Eye Goggles?

One of the highlight moments of the episode was V mistaking the face mask worn for cooking as a goggle. V’s “I can’t see” followed by Park Seo Joon’s big laughter and Lee Seo Jin’s disbelief had viewers laughing to their hearts content.

3. Asking the Important Questions.

While the restaurant struggled to make any profit due to the lack of customers on their first day, V boldly asked a stressed out Lee Seo Jin about their salary resulting in one of the most-talked about moments of the episode.

On a popular Korean forum, Netizens noted V and Lee Seo Jin’s chemistry as hilarious and one they were looking forward to the most on the show. Some of their comments were as follows:

• “It's so funny. I'm really looking forward to the chemistry between V and Lee Seojin!”

• “It was more fun than I expected. The chemistry between Seojin and V was good. I'm going to watch it on time.”

• “It was more fun than I thought. The chemistry of the cast was good. Especially, I didn't imagine Lee Seojin and V's combination..”

• “V and Lee Seojin are at odds, but it's fun when they play against each other.”

• “It came out well. People around me liked it, too. Show us more of Seojin and V. They have a good chemistry.”

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Jinny’s Kitchens airs every Friday at 20:50 PM (KST) on TVN, TVING and Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Allkpop