These Idols Were Supposed To Debut In Other Groups

These Idols Were Supposed To Debut In Other Groups

In K-pop, lineup changes all the time, and trainees can be added or removed from a debuting lineup at any moment. Here are idols who were meant to debut in one group, but for one reason or another, were unable to and debuted in either another group or as a soloist.

1. Jeon Somi

As most fans know, Somi was slated to debut in the JYP Entertainment girl group, ITZY. Profile photos of the original line-up were leaked on to the internet that included Somi, solidifying that she was supposed to debut as the group's center. However, Somi ended up leaving JYP Entertainment before ITZY's debut and signed with The Black Label. She is now active as a soloist.

2. S.Coups of SEVENTEEN

S.Coup's was part of the original Pledis Boys and was meant to be debut as a member of NU'EST. He was ultimately cut from the line-up but appeared in the group's debut music video as an actor. He was then part of the line-up for NU'EST's brother group, Tempest, but the debut of the group was ultimately scrapped. He ended up debuting in SEVENTEEN as the group's leader.

3. Miyeon of (G)I-DLE

Miyeon was part of the original line-up of BLACKPINK, formerly known as PINKPUNK. She was so close to debuting with the group, she is even seen in some pre-debut photos alongside the current BLACKPINK members, showing a five-membered group. Though rumors went around that she was kicked out for dating a male trainee, those rumors have been debunked. She ultimately signed with CUBE Entertainment and debuted as a member of (G)I-DLE.

4. Hansol of NewKidd

NewKidd's Hansol was part of SM Rookies and was meant to debut as a member of NCT. He even appeared in the very first NCT Life season, NCT Life in Bangkok. He promoted with the members but ended up leaving the group. He went on to compete on the KBS show "The Unit", which led to his debut in the project group UNB. Following "The Unit", he debuted as a member of NewKidd.

5. Soyou of SISTAR

Soyou revealed on "Beatle's Code" that she was originally meant to debut as a member of 4minute as the group's maknae. At the time, though the line-up was set, her company ended up removing her from the group and telling her to debut in the next round. She ended up leaving the said company and debuting with SISTAR under Starship Entertainment.

6. Hyunseung - former member of BEAST

Hyunseung was originally part of the line-u for BIGBANG. He had even appeared on "Big Bang Documentary", a documentary following BIGBANG's debut preparations. He appeared in 10 out of the 11 episodes before being cut from the group for lacking expressiveness and stage presence. He later signed under CUBE Entertainment and debuted as a member of BEAST.

7. Shownu of MONSTA X

Shownu was a former JYP Entertainment trainee and was originally supposed to debut in a trio with Jinyoung and JB of GOT7. He was also supposed to debut in GOT7 itself. However, Shownu was kicked out of the company for too many trainee absences. He signed with Starship Entertainment and competed on the survival show "No.Mercy", earning him a spot in MONSTA X.

8. Jinho of PENTAGON

Jinho is an idol who was meant to debut in EXO. He was a former SM Entertainment trainee and had even debuted in SM The Ballad. However, he was unable to debut with EXO and ended up leaving SM Entertainment in 2014. He signed with CUBE Entertainment and debuted with PENTAGON.