Who Between the 5 'Sooyoung' of K-pop Idols Exudes The Sexiest Vibes?

Who Between the 5 'Sooyoung' of K-pop Idols Exudes The Sexiest Vibes?

Which "Sooyoung" do you like the most?

In the K-pop industry, there are always K-pop idols who have the same name. But among them, these "Sooyoung's" of the music industry are attracting the fans' interest and attention, not only because of their talents in music but because of their stunning visuals, too!

In particular, "Sooyoung" in Korean has a lot of meanings, but the most popular definition of this name is "swimming" or "graceful petal." Indeed, the 5 Sooyoung of K-pop are all beautiful and graceful as flower petals, and they also exude sexy vibes.

Let's watch this list below and answer who do you think attracts fans the most with their sexiness?

1. Girls' Generation's Sooyoung (Choi Sooyoung)

The OG Sooyoung of the K-pop industry, Sooyoung is a rare idol in this list who can use her real name. It is also no doubt that some K-pop fans if not all think of her upon hearing Sooyoung's name.

As an idol, Choi Sooyoung is always complimented for her long legs, visuals, and her sexy yet elegant aura!

Recently, Sooyoung was deemed as "the pretty red dress lady" when she attended the "MNET Asian Music Awards" MAMA ceremony, and new-gen K-pop fans are regretting they just meet this gorgeous idol!

2. Red Velvet Joy (Park Sooyoung)

Here's another Sooyoung who have goddess-like vibes!

Well-known as Joy, the Red Velvet member is always capturing the fans and netizens' eyes with her visual. In fact, she's been referred to as "Miss Korea" by music fans for being a beauty queen-material. Joy has a captivating natural Korean look, long legs, tiny waist, and her personality is also truly appealing!

3. LOONA Yves (Ha Sooyoung)

Yves (pronounced as "Eve") birth name is actually Sooyoung as well, and using her stage name, she now shares it with the high-end luxury brand, Yves Saint Laurent. The singer has a dainty look, and though her smile is so innocent and pure, she can be alluring and can rock different images as well!

She has this visually-pleasing beauty, and Yves has also a good body ratio.

4. After School Lizzy (Park Sooyoung)

Lizzy of After School shares the exact surname and first name along with Red Velvet's Joy!

It seems like Sooyoung is such a lucky name to be an actress and idol at the same time, as Lizzy is also successful in the two fields just like the other mentioned idols. After School always give off unique concepts in each of their songs, but the sexiness and endearing vibe of Lizzy doesn't fail to shine! Currently, she has a new name Park Soo Ah, as a reminder of her fresh start as an actress.

5.Chahee (Park Sooyoung)

There's another Park Sooyoung on this list, and she's the former member of Melody Day, Chahee. While the K-pop idol is currently promoting as a solo artist, she had received favorable comments for her beauty and enticing looks.

So who's your favorite "Sooyoung" on the list? Share your thoughts below!