Which Type of Gamer is BLACKPINK When They Play PUGB Mobile?

Which Type of Gamer is BLACKPINK When They Play PUGB Mobile?

They may be not the best but they play like passionate gamers!

BLACKPINK may be best known for their hit songs and iconic fashion styles, but that’s not all they’re good at! In the “Fun Match” video where the girls played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for their collaboration, it was revealed that they’re also good gamers.

They each have different playing styles as well. Check them out below!

1. Jisoo

First up, Jisoo is the most knowledgeable gamer in BLACKPINK. She still humbly turned down Heechul‘s assumption that she’s the best player, explaining that she’s stubborn instead.

"Maybe not the best…just stubborn. I’m going to run, so you guys cover me. I’m running." - Jisoo

No matter what the playing field looks like, she’ll do her best to get optimal results.

"No matter how dangerous it is, I’m going to go to that house and get all the items there."

Even her members couldn’t help but praise her talent. Jennie said she was a “born natural” at PUBG who has the basics down.

With the help of her Level 3 bag of supplies, Jisoo escaped death multiple times.

"I just stayed alive for so long because of the bag."

2. Lisa

Unlike Jisoo, Lisa is not a dedicated gamer. Her strength lies in being BLACKPINK’s top cheerleader, giving them the encouragement they need to win.

The fellow cast members commended her efforts, explaining that it’s an important job nonetheless: “Having an audience improves your performance”.

3. Jennie

Next up, Jennie is the other BLACKPINK member who plays PUBG often. She may not be the best person on the team, but she once scored high enough to reach the first place.

"I didn’t get many kills. I’m just proud of myself for the experience of coming in first at least once!"

She’s the type of person who relies greatly on others, saying, “My teammates carried me”. When playing in a team later that day, Jennie got so nervous, she accidentally killed off her teammate! She sweetly apologized right away and continued on.

4. Rosé

Finally, Rosé is the kind of player who does her best but is just not born to be a gamer. She recounted the time when she thought she was doing well…only to end up dying.

"There were things lying on the ground and no one was around me, so I happily picked up everything. I looked that way and I felt like something was moving there, so I went guns out. I shot three times, and it was over."

Despite doing all she could, she just never really got the hang of the game.

All BLACKPINK members ended up having a blast, with both teams tying for first place! If you want to see exactly what kind of gamers the girls are, check out the full video below.