Which Idols Have The Coolest and Most Unique Instagram Account Name?

Which Idols Have The Coolest and Most Unique Instagram Account Name?

Coming up with a memorable and cool Instagram account name can be challenging, even for K-Pop idols.

Netizens of a popular online community have recently been talking about which idols in the scene have the best Instagram account name. Of course, it all probably differs depending on everyone’s opinion.

Yeri (Red Velvet) - @yerimiese

Yeri has such a cute and Instagram account name when she smartly combines of two parts: Her name Yerim and the suffix _ese as to describe the characteristics of a culture, country or people.

GFRIEND Eunha - @rlo.ldl

If you rotate the first part 90 degrees anticlockwise then squint at the whole thing, it looks like 은비 "eunbi", Eunha's real name.

Wendy (Red Velvet) - @todayis_wendy

Yes, today is Wendy so let Wendy warm up your day.

G-Dragon (BIG BANG) - @xxxibgdrgn

Fans have said there's a lot of swag in terms of both how the account name looks and is pronounced.

Joy (Red Velvet) - @_imyour_joy

Joy is her stage name and also means "happiness" in English. She's so smart when naming her account name like that so fans could understand in two ways, she's your Joy in Red Velvet and she's your "happiness".

Jay Park - @jparkitrighthere

Since Jay Park always spits out the best rap lines, it's no surprise he came up with this clever account name. J - "Jay" as his name "park" - as his last name - it right here, his Instagram.

Hwang Min Hyun (NU'EST) - @optimushwang

This one is quite hilarious yet cute. Who would have guessed someone so chic-looking like MinHyun had a contrasting sense of humor?

Rosé (BLACKPINK) - @roses_are_rosie

Yes, roses are the rosiest. Rosé is the most beautiful one of them all.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) - @jennierubyjane

According to fans, Ruby Jane is a nickname Jennie had back in her pre-idol days. This name is really pretty.

IU - @dlwlrma

Her Instagram account is how you type her name on the keyboard in English. How can she come up with this idea?

Which name is your favorite?