"Where is LISA SOLO?" - BLINKs Are Looking For Lisa's Solo Project Than Ever!

"Where is LISA SOLO?" - BLINKs Are Looking For Lisa's Solo Project Than Ever!

BLINKs are now slamming YG entertainment for not promoting BLACKPINK Lisa. BLINKs posted on Twitter their disappointment with YG entertainment for not pushing through with Lisa's solo project.

'Where is Lisa Solo?'


BLACKPINK recently celebrated their 5th anniversary in the K-pop industry last August 8, and now fans have been ecstatic about everything that is in store for BLINKs by the members of BLACKPINK and also YG entertainment their agency. However, fans have been demanding for more music from the girl group together with other promotional activities.

The Korean girl group has been dominating the K-Pop industry as one of the most famous female bands. Since their debut, they have released a number of singles, mini-albums, and studio-length albums. The latest album was "The Album," which was released last year in October.

BLACKPINK's Solo Projects on the line

Even though it is a four-member group, there have only been two solo projects from two BLACKPINK members. Jennie has been the first BLACKPINK member to do a solo album titled "Solo" way back in November 2018. And just recently, Jennie made trends in Twitter for becoming the first female K-pop artist that has over 700 million videos on the music video of her debut song "Solo."

Jennie SOLO

(Photo : Twitter: @ygent_official)

After the success of Jennie's solo project, YG Entertainment announced that their second solo project will be with Rose. Rose released a single album named "R" with two singles, "On the Ground" and "Gone," in March 2021. The first single was an overnight success, for it reached the number 1 spot on both Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Eclu US. Her project also charted on iTunes Top Song Chart in over 51 countries with her title song "On The Ground." She also got 100 million streams on Spotify, and she reached a new milestone as a Korean Female solo artist.

Cryptic Updates for Lisa's Solo Debut Project

The next member in line of having a solo project is Lisa. She gave fans a sneak peek while creating new music. Last July, Lisa published two images on her Instagram story, which caused speculations regarding her solo activities. The second story she posted was only an image of sound waves showing a work in progress.

Early in July, YG Entertainment stated that Lisa will be making her solo debut in the summer. The company also confirmed that Lisa will be filming a music video that similar week. Now it is expected to be released in the coming weeks.


(Photo : Instagram: @lalalalisa_m)

YG Entertainment confirmed last year that all of the BLACKPINK members would be publishing their solo tracks after the release of their first full album, "The Album," last October 2020.

BLINKs expressed their disappointment

Fans have been talking about the mistreatment of the BLACKPINK members by their agency for a while now. BLINKs have been complaining that the girls are not used for their potential as singers. Instead, the members have been used as money-making assets for the company.


(Photo : BLACKPINK Twitter)

Jisoo is the last member to have a solo project, and there is no update yet on when it will be worked on. BLINKs are questioning the agency by tagging them in tweets saying, "Where is Lisa solo?". The question is now trending on Twitter. This only shows that the BLINKs are looking for more projects from their favorite Korean girl group.

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