When Do BLACKPINK Members Feel The Most Attractive?

When Do BLACKPINK Members Feel The Most Attractive?

If you were a K-Pop idol, when do you think you'd feel most attractive?

For some, it may be when they are performing on stage. Maybe also perhaps during photo shoots, music video shoots, or an interview?

And for others, perhaps all the time.

Anyhow, for YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK members, they each have their particular moments when they feel the most attractive.

You can check them out below.


Human CHANEL Jennie is always full of confidence.

For Jennie, she feels most confident and attractive every day. And to be quite honest, who really wouldn't if they were as gorgeous, elegant, and royalty vibes like Jennie?


For Lisa, it seems that it's when she gets her hair straightened. But really, her naturally curly hair too is such an attractive feature about her, she really should have more confidence in it!


For JiSoo, she once talked about how she feels most attractive after getting her eye makeup done. This is actually the reason why she usually asks the stylists to do it quickly. Adorable right?


For Rosé, we won't know for sure, but one can guess that being as goddess-like as her, she'd feel that she's pretty all the time right?

Well, she also did actually say that she believes she's the prettiest BLACKPINK member during their recent appearance on 'Running Man'.

The girl group's online concert 'THE SHOW' is scheduled to kick off on January 31st! Stay tuned for updates!