WayV’s YangYang And Hendery Spill On The Unexpected Things SM Entertainment Trainees Have To Do During Training

WayV’s YangYang And Hendery Spill On The Unexpected Things SM Entertainment Trainees Have To Do During Training

“We never took the selfie classes…”

In one of WayV‘s recent relay lives, YangYang and Hendery had some fun teasing each other and sharing TMIs with fans. One thing they hinted at was just how extensive the training process is for K-Pop idols, as it includes everything from learning expected performance skills such as dancing, singing, and rapping, to more unexpected kinds of training—including writing reports and taking selfie lessons.

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The two members spent plenty of time chatting about things fans were curious about, including what their time as trainees was like. Hendery joked about how he used to leave his school homework to the last day, something that YangYang also admitted he was guilty of. In fact, YangYang claims he would do his homework on the day it was due…

This prompted memories of what their other homework was like, homework from SM Entertainment. They explained that when they were trainees, every time they went on break the company would assign them homework: they had to listen to 200 songs during their break and then write up a report about them.

Hilariously, YangYang had managed to get out of completing the homework…though perhaps that was to be expected from him.

As it turns out, however, writing reports on hundreds of songs was not all they had to do; they also had to write reports on senior artists’ concerts after attending them. And, of course, they had extensive practices with company cameras to practice vlogging and doing live broadcasts, especially in Korean.

Fans have been impressed by how extensive their idol training is…

…yet that’s still not all! YangYang described how, because he did not have a Korean visa at the time he was a trainee, he had to fly back to Germany (where his family lived) every three months. He would stay in Germany for one day and then fly back again, even though it was a twelve-hour flight. While this sounds exhausting, being a trainee was so hard, according to YangYang, that those flights actually felt like rest to him.

He had so much going on, that he admits to having slacked on some things, and not just the reports SM Entertainment asked him and the trainees to write. He and Hendery mentioned that trainees had to take selfie lessons. Funnily enough, neither of them attended those, leading to plenty of teasing from their staff members over their selfie skills.

Despite the teasing, YangYang hilariously reasoned that, at the end of the day, his face will look like his face no matter how he takes a selfie.

While there are likely many other kinds of training that trainees have to fulfill, YangYang and Hendery’s recent live really paints a clearer of all the details that K-Pop trainees have to learn. Being a trainee is known to be extremely difficult, but sometimes it’s hard to believe how much they have to keep track of, especially considering most trainees are still in school!

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